Monday, June 18th, 2012
Australian voice-artist TIM STACKPOOL has released a new CD compilation of guided meditation and relaxation sessions for busy people worldwide. Available either as a delivered CD or MP3 download, ‘Meditation & Relaxation for Busy People’ is a collection of sessions running just 20 minutes each, to bring calm and control to the lives of people who are daunted by the anxiety and frenetic nature of our modern world.

“The vocal style was quite challenging for me,” said Tim Stackpool, better known for being the voice of many TV and radio commercials internationally. “In my regular work, I am expected to be compelling and engaging, alerting people to products and services. In these meditation sessions, the vocal style must be unobtrusive, calming and reflective, something new for me.”

Previously, Tim did have some experience in this area, having narrated a number of teaching DVDs released by Israeli Tai-Chi master Gadi Levy-Golan. But Tim only considered recording his own meditation and relaxation sessions after it was suggested to him by a fan on his Facebook page. After doing some research and experimenting with different types of music and audio, he decided to record a few tracks and sought some feedback.

“A few of my friends know me as a bit of a joker, so when I had them listen to the tracks, they were waiting for the punchline,” Tim said. “When I told them this was a serious project, they were impressed with the effectiveness of the sessions, and some began using them. I hope many more people will now feel the same.”

Meditation has many benefits. It can improve tolerance to stress, reduce anxiety, enhance energy, strength and vigour as well as provide peace of mind and generate happiness.

Tim was also keen to produce the sessions particularly for busy people, saying “I’m one of the frantic ones. Racing between jobs and clients, working long hours to meet deadlines. I know that ‘down-time’ is really important, but I didn’t feel that sitting in front of the TV to wind-down was very effective. So a short pre-recorded guided meditation of 20 minutes did the trick. I recorded a few and put them on the CD, as well as a light physical relaxation option.”

For Tim, this has now become an exercise for further exploration. He is currently working on a new book outlining and understanding the process of human ‘creativity’, and a related audio series investigating the untapped power of the brain and its underused thinking capacity.

The CD and MP3 tracks are available via by searching for ‘Tim Stackpool’. A discounted CD is available by following the links at

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Tim Stackpool

Tim Stackpool is an Australian media professional engaged by TV and radio operations around the world. Internationally, he acts as an Australian correspondent for Global Radio News based in London, and was once the Chief Australian Correspondent for the Canadian Economic Press. He currently anchors an international radio program concerned with humanitarian causes called The World. In Australia, Tim’s voice is heard on radio and TV advertising, at trade shows, public exhibitions, in stadiums, and on telephone voice-message systems.


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