Monday, June 18th, 2012
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA and FRANKFURT, GERMANY, 18th June, 2012: Australian mapping technology company Integeo has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with German company geoXtend GmbH for Central, Northern and Eastern Europe.

geoXtend is now providing sales and technical support for all resellers of Integeo’s Map Intelligence product suite in the region.

“This is a major strategic milestone in our European operations which will significantly expand our marketing and support footprint in Europe,” said Integeo CEO Peter Rossiter. “geoXtend has both the technical and market reach to significantly leverage our European sales.”

geoXtend is led by Michael Arthen, the former Pitney Bowes GmbH Managing Director, who founded the new company with international geo-marketing company WIGeoGIS and a private investor.

Mr Arthen said his objective is to make Map Intelligence “the defacto location intelligence product for Business Intelligence in Europe”.

“We have been working hard with Integeo to ensure a smooth transition of responsibility. Current Integeo customers and partners in the region will appreciate our local presence and we will be bringing our own extensive GIS, BI and consulting experience to build on Integeo’s already impressive track record.”

Map Intelligence is a complete solution that brings dynamic maps and location analysis capabilities to both novice and expert users of Business Intelligence systems.

The award-winning, patented Location Intelligence product brings immediate benefits.

“Now information-rich, interactive, location aware applications can be built easily and used by anyone,” Mr Rossiter said. “You can be lost in data without a map.”

Map Intelligence does a lot more than just display data on a map or floor-plan. It enables rapid development of map-enabled BI applications to visualize and analyse factors such as business performance; relating sales to customer demographics or shop layouts; social need and available services; potential return on investment from projects and so
much more.

“Our customers come from a wide spectrum of business and government sectors that includes telcos, pharma, retail, banking and insurance, defence, policing, and legal,” Mr Rossiter added.

“They can use any GIS or map provider and they don’t need to know anything about mapping technology - Map Intelligence takes care of all the integration and the underlying complexity is invisible to the user.”
Map Intelligence is the only location intelligence platform to work across all the major Business Intelligence products, including IBM (Cognos), SAP (Business Objects), Oracle (OBIEE and Hyperion), MicroStrategy, Microsoft Reporting Services and Excel, QlikView, Actuate and open source BIRT.

Map Intelligence works with mapping products such as Esri’s ArcGIS, Pitney Bowes’ MapXtreme, Google Maps, Google Earth, BING, and any OGC compliant map server such as GE SmallWorld or systems that use Open Layers as an OGC compliant map-viewer.

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Integeo is Inte[grated] geo[graphy]

Integeo was founded in 2004 to develop and commercialize Map Intelligence.

The company’s headquarters and R&D facility are located in Sydney with branch offices in Canberra and the USA. Integeo is supported by a global partner and distributor network, and has strong technical and marketing relationships with all the leading database/business intelligence and mapping vendors. Integeo continues to build its market presence in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Integeo is a global leader in the converging fields of Business and Location Intelligence with its Map Intelligence ‘Spatial Hub’ bringing mapping visualizations and analytical capabilities to a diverse range of customers who cover all levels of government (Federal, State and local), banking and insurance, transport, police and emergency management and retail.

A ‘spatial hub’ has to enable seamless interoperation between all major BI and GIS products. This is a breakthrough in location intelligence for business users because Map Intelligence puts them in control by greatly simplifying the process of model development and by eliminating the need for expertise in programming or deep application skills.
Leila Henderson
P: (02) 8307-5101
M: 0414 69 70 71

geoXtend GmbH

geoXtend GmbH is focused on innovative location intelligence solutions to significantly increase the return on investment for data warehouse and BI solutions.

geoXtend was founded by experienced, international experts in the fields of business intelligence, geographic information systems (GIS) and geomarketing.

geoXtend has partnerships with the leading European geo- and market data providers and is a one-stop shop for location intelligence software, data, advice and integrated solutions.

geoXtend has offices near Frankfurt (Limburg), Munich, Vienna and Warsaw.

Head Office: Fahrgasse 5 (Walderdorffer Hof), 65549 Limburg/Lahn, Germany
Michael Arthen, Managing Director
P: 49 (0)6431 4079000
M: +49 162 270 3621


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