Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

Earlier this year Econstruct Australia, a company based in NSW, commissioned an independent study to review all the parts of a building, their impact on the environment and our pocket. This report has recently been completed and shows a number of affordable options that could be used in all new buildings today.

The Building Code of Australia has a new draft statement that is expected to become the legislated national standard, expected around March 2010. The national standard will focus on radically increasing energy efficiency in design. “A process that may stump old school, change resistant designers and construction companies.” states Sales Manager for econstruct, “we have taken the initiative to preempt and even exceed these changes now as well as a commitment to staying abreast of emerging information and technologies, which is why we commissioned this study.” The new Building Codes will make new buildings at least 6 stars - the industry measure of energy efficiency. These calculations, and how they are worked out has been under discussion for over a year now and ensure that the building industry, a major polluter in the past, comes into alignment with current personal, political and global demands.

The report shows that technologies have moved beyond earth and straw to allow more easily approved and easily built low impact homes. Using a number of eco chic modern designs, materials and technologies an eco-friendly home can look great and also save an average of $3,000 per year in energy expenses.
Standard fittings in modern affordable homes include solar panels, solar electricity, underground water tanks, bamboo flooring, spotted gum decks, eco wool insulation, and low impact (cement free) footings.

In recent times we have faced the ethical dilemma of choosing between economy OR environment. Now a win/win emerges; affordable designs, innovative technologies and government rebates. In 2010 it will be legislated that we must face up to our environmental impact. In 2009 companies like that of econstruct Australia offer affordable balances, with all the 'deeper green' options you could want - including gardens on your roof (great insulation), rammed earth walls (high thermal yield) and alternative foundations (cement free).

True sustainability incorporates economy as a vital element. It seems you can follow your heart and your hip pocket.

Now 'green' is no longer a sales lever, but a legislated necessity.

Editors please note:
EXCELLENT Photos images of modern eco homes available on request
e-construct 3 bedroom homes start from $248,000 inclusive of all eco options, with 2 bedroom dwellings under $100,000
Contact: Paul Benhaim, econstruct Australia T: 02 6684 2100 [email protected]

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Here at econstruct our experienced team of architects, designers, engineers and builders create modern green homes in the Northern Rivers area of NSW that don’t cost the earth.

You have come to the right place for:

all inclusive affordable homes starting under $100,000
home build or investment property
an alternative to a project home that is environmentally friendly
well designed homes suitable for your changing needs
solar & solar passive designs - saving around $3000 p/yr*
full fixture & fitting advise and alternatives
significantly low carbon footprint homes

There are two main factors in a building project:

1) expertise in design and building principles
2) client/builder/architect communication

we have established systems that integrate both
Paul Benhaim
P: 02 6684 2100


Buildings use 40% of total energy consumed*, 12.2% of the total amount of water consumed per day* and 40% of Australian waste is building waste*. These facts and, more notably affordable green solutions were released today in a 150 page study.


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