Sunday, June 17th, 2012
Port Melbourne, Australia

Australian firm MonkeyPod Australia  today announced Tyrells Wines Australia as their first digital promotions client.

Tyrells Wines will use the MonkeyPod device to communicate with attendees at the prestigious Melbourne Food and Wine Festival to be held in Melbourne, Australia June 1 – 6, 2012.

MonkeyPod products are Bluetooth and wireless systems that send free digital advertisements and flyers to mobile phones in their proximity.

“MonkeyPod provides an unrivalled opportunity for local area marketing,” says Managing Director, Chris McKiernan.

“The MonkeyPod device can be rented online for as little as $200.00 which is the total cost of distribution providing unlimited, free, eco-friendly advertising to local merchants at a fraction of the cost of print media."

A single MonkeyPod device works 24/7 communicating via Bluetooth and wireless with every smart phone within its reach.

"For Tyrells we have uploaded their advertisement and a digital flyer so the event team can wear the device, walk around the event, hang it on from the stand, leave it on their desk, or embed it in the display, from where is will connect via wifi or blu-tooth with smart phones nearby."

Attendees receive a message from Tyrells inviting them to enter a limited competition for a magnum of Tyrells wine.

"There is simply no limit to the number of users we can reach and as they are all within range, its perfect for creating and driving demand,” says Chis McKiernan, Founder of MonkeyPod Australia.

"With recent reports showing that Australians have embraced smart phones as central to their lives and shopping it made sense to trial MonkeyPod’s with Tyrells Wines in Australia now.

"Monkeypod identifies and persuades local area clients to consider their businesses in real time and on-location without the intrusions, cost and wastage of flyers making it perfect for events and trade-show promotions.”

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MonkeyPod Australia

MonkeyPod Digital Promotions provides products and solutions for proximity marketing. MonkeyPod’s focus is on assisting businesses and agencies that want to communicate with potential clients who are nearby.

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About MonkeyPod device
The Monkey Pod device is a low cost portable device that transmits digital advertisements and flyers directly to smart phones via Bluetooth and wi-fi.

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