Friday, June 15th, 2012

Hampton, Australia. June 15, 2012

Personal GPS locators now mobile, waterproof, and highly affordable are becoming increasingly common among as sportsman, outdoor enthusiasts and wilderness connoisseurs across Australia as users adopt satellite technology to keep the folks at home calm while they pursue their passions ever further afield. Reports Jeff Dusting, founder of Adventure Safety.

The Spot V2 Satellite GPS Messenger device sends an automatic "I'm Ok" or “Help” to up to ten pre-loaded email addresses with a simple push of a button.

The highly prized "track progress’ feature allows users to send and save their location while contacts track their progress in near real time using Google Maps.

The SOS button instantly notifies emergency services of your GPS location and an alert that you need assistance.

Adventure Safety founder Jeff Dusting says, "Spot GPS locator's provide a lot of reassurance, Adventurers push a single button to update their “I’m OK” status and get total peace of mind knowing they can send a “Help” or SOS in an emergency situation where dialing on a phone may not be possible or desirable."

"At Adventure Safety we principally sell or hire the Spot V2 Satellite GPS Messenger device to hikers and bikers, sailors and runners, those who are likely to find themselves alone and needing assistance.

Increasingly the trend now is for families to hire or buy insisting that Spot must accompany their loved ones” says Jeff Dusting.

About Jeff Dusting

Jeff Dusting is an aviator, yachtsman with advanced degrees in engineering and aeronautics. He founded Adventure Safety to provide online access to the best peer reviewed equipment in air, land, and sea safety.

About Spot V2 Satellite GPS messenger
Spot V2 is a compact GPS Satellite Tracking Device. Small enough to fit in your pocket with single button use features including “I’m OK”, “Track Me”, “Help” and “SOS”, the SPOT GPS Satellite Messenger is designed to send a 'pre-determined' text message to either an email address or a mobile phone SMS up to 10 different mobile numbers, to provide location display data on Google Maps, and to send Alert messages to pre-determined contacts or emergency services.

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