Wednesday, November 4th, 2009
Domestic, commercial and industrial property owners no longer need to spend a fortune or cope with massive disruption when a sewage or stormwater pipe is damaged.

Streamline Drains & Pipelines have the answer with its patented, award winning Pipe Lining and Rehabilitation System, which has been used in Australia for over 20 years by companies such as McDonalds, AAB Australia and Dairy Farmers.

General Manager Kevin Barry said that the impact of this ‘no-dig’ repair system could save thousands and avoid disruption to surfaces.

“Gone are the days of having to dig up your pavers, flooring, tiles and roads to replace damaged or tree root infested pipes,” said Mr Barry. “The pipe lining effectively creates a new pipe within the old one.”

The Pipe Lining has been designed to meet the demands of drought and environmental legislation.

“Older industrial pipes may be cracked, causing toxins to leak into the soil,” Mr Barry said. “We can come in and line the pipes so that they meet with comply with EPA guidelines.

“It is important in these times that the rain we do receive is contained and not wasted by cracked or broken pipes. Tree roots are also prevented from entering the pipe due to the patented adhesive that is used in the lining process to bond the two pipes.”

About the No Dig Pipe Lining System
At the age of 26, frustrated with the disruption and expense of digging and replacing pipes, young plumber Kevin Barry invented the No Dig Pipe Lining System. This unique system won an international patent and various awards including 2nd place in the Young Australian of the Year Award for Science/Technology, a Gold Medal in Geneva for New Product, and a Yellow Pages Business Grant. But the most important award to date was for the Best Environmental Product Award at Designbuild 05.

This award was presented on the basis that the Streamline Pipe Lining System prevents the seeping of sewage and toxins into the soils and waterways - most important, however, is its potential to prevent the leaking of water from pipes.

"One of the problems Streamline faces is getting the word out into the general public that there is an alternative to replacing pipes," Mr Barry explains. "Too many times we hear, 'if only I had known about you a year ago, you could have saved me thousands...'.

"Another problem is that there has been a surge of inferior lining systems hitting the market that do not permanently fix the pipes and may cause more damage and/or infringe on Streamline’s patent. If there is a cheaper way to repair pipes or drains, our boys at Streamline will tell you!"

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Streamline Drains & Pipelines (NSW) P/L

Streamline Drains & Pipelines has been operating as a family plumbing business for over 35 years. The company differentiates itself from other plumbing companies by focusing on drainage and has an excellent reputation for saving clients money and more importantly time when it comes to blocked drains and pipes. Run by Kevin Barry Jnr and his wife Alex, Streamline has provided a less expensive permanent environmental solution for domestic, industrial and commercial clients.
Kevin Barry
P: 02 9970 5547


Streamline’s patented Pipe Lining is the modern solution to conserve water and prevent toxin seepage and sewage contamination.



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