Thursday, June 14th, 2012
In today's web-based world, a business' website is their ambassador to the world. When users land on a web page, they know everything they need to know about your business within a few moments. A page with quality web design lets them know that they've found a business that's invested in itself, a business they can trust.

An incomplete or basic web page might make them wary enough about your business' stability to move on. Still not convinced? Consider these reasons for considering a website redesign:

You don't look serious. An incomplete or basic website makes customers wary. Every company is judged by their product. And on the World Wide Web, your product is your web page no matter what you're selling. It's the window through which your customers see what you have to offer. And for web users, a sub-par web page means a sub-par product.

You're wasting your advertising dollars. A web page says so much about the trustworthiness of a web site that it speaks louder than recommendations or word of mouth. Customers who have heard about your company may stop by your website and quickly change their mind about going forward. This goes double if your business is web-based with no brick and mortar store to reassure customers.

You stand a bad way. Imagine that your web page is like a store front on a busy street. If yours is the one dusty, sparse window among the other gleaming ones, it will stand out. In fact, it will stand out so much that people will be wary of it. And those who came specifically to that street to visit you won't even feel secure that you're even open.

Many businesses on the web -- often businesses that sell a similar product to yours -- invest in web design. They do it because they know that they are in a competitive industry that relies more and more on web-based. And when you're the one business who hasn't invested the same, you stand out in a negative way.

You're missing an opportunity to stand out in a good way. One of the reasons that personal blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and personal websites have exploded in popularity is because they give their users an opportunity to express their individuality. And in our hyper-exposed world, web users are looking for the same thing in the businesses that they interact with.

A web page is an opportunity to stand out in the marketplace by showcasing what makes you different. And a lot of that comes through in professional web design. Whether it's you're corporate logo, color scheme, conversational web copy or unique font. It's a chance to be remembered in an overcrowded market. And what business can afford to pass up that opportunity?

Your customers have short attention spans. One of the consequences of a web-based world is impatience. People can have whatever they want at the click of a button that's always just at the tip of their fingers. And that's what they've come to expect from their online experience.

If your website is difficult to navigate -- if product descriptions are lacking, checkout is insecure or hard to access or pages are hard to find or read -- customers will move on. No matter how great the product, if it is difficult or not pleasurable to access, customers will quickly become frustrated. They may even opt for a competitor’s product and pay more for the privilege of an easy-to-use web page.

In short, a well-designed web page has the ability to transform your business' web presence. By presenting a product that customers can trust and believe in, you'll be putting your best foot forward. Customers will not only visit your site and buy your product but they'll remember you even as your competitors enter the market. Simply by investing in aesthetics, you can make your website work for your company instead of against it.

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