Wednesday, November 4th, 2009
Australian healthcare company Rapid Nutrition is taking the next step in expanding their operations through a round of capital raising that will see the introduction of two world-first products into their range.

Rapid Nutrition is an established Australian company whose flagship Leisa’s Secret – a set of scientifically formulated weight loss and maintenance supplements – has achieved considerable success domestically and internationally, as well as widespread media exposure.

The company is in the final stages of developing an all-natural herbal antiviral that will be effective in combating influenza and a range of other illnesses.

A Halal skincare range targeted specifically, but not solely, at overseas markets will also be joining the product range in the future.

Rapid Nutrition is in the process of negotiating a number of international trade and distribution deals that will see the established Leisa’s Secret range, plus their new products reach a global customer base with various significant international contracts already secured.

Managing director Simon St. Ledger says the round of capital raising will enable the company to finalise research and development of the new products and see the company expand along natural lines that have already been established by a successful flagship product range.

“We’ve had so much interest in the Leisa’s Secret product range domestically and internationally that we are looking to create some solid trade and distribution deals that will allow our products a greater global market,” he says.

“With the introduction of a Halal skincare range we’re anticipating the Middle East will become a major market for us, where demand for such products is increasing at an exponential rate.”

Mr. St. Ledger also cites the imminent introduction of an all natural herbal antiviral to the product range as a reason to really focus on the international markets.

“This product is going to be a world first – at the moment there is no completely natural antiviral on the market, and we plan on taking advantage of that market gap,” he says.

“People are becoming more and more health conscious, with consumers increasingly looking towards using products that are free of various chemicals and substances that shouldn’t be going into one’s body.

“As such we are very confident that this product will have a broad appeal, and we want to establish ourselves in this market globally as quickly as possible to give us a head start on potential competition.”

Much of the company’s success can be attributed to its high visibility in the media, with the Leisa’s Secret range having received a great deal of attention on current affairs programs, as well as in traditional print and radio media.

As a result of this success, Rapid Nutrition was placed as a finalist in the Queensland Premier’s Export Awards in 2007.

Much of the media attention has been based around the story of former police officer and working mother-of-three Leisa St. Ledger, who developed the Leisa’s Secret range after trying a number of the weight-loss solutions on the market and finding them ineffective.

Mr. St. Ledger believes this grass roots approach to promoting the products has contributed to the company getting to where it has in a relatively short time.

“Rapid Nutrition’s existing product range was developed to help people trying to lose weight, and as such has been successful because it has helped solve this problem,” he says.

“Our new products have been developed in exactly the same way, that is identifying a niche where other products may not have worked, and providing a real and natural alternative that does work.

“We want to establish ourselves globally in order to start to capitalise on this success. We’ve already been selling our products in a number of other countries, but we are looking to take that next step into becoming a truly international provider of health care products.”

Rapid Nutrition’s offer is being managed by Stepping Stone Equity and is listed on the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board (ASSOB).

For more information visit the ASSOB website at


For all media enquiries contact Bruce Nelson on (0423) 403 449.

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Rapid Nutrition is an Australian owned and operated company, specialising in premium dietary supplements under our leading brand 'Leisa's Secret'. We credit our global success to the fact that we can offer our customers and partners high quality and effective products backed with extensive research and reliable evidence. In addition, we can cater for your personal needs by offering our products in bulk, OEM or finished product. Our extensive knowledge of nutrition coupled with our experienced R&D team also allows us to offer our clients comprehensive support and training to ensure immediate success!
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Australian healthcare company Rapid Nutrition is taking the next step in expanding their operations through a round of capital raising that will see the introduction of two world-first products into their range.


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