Wednesday, June 13th, 2012
The Early Years Learning Framework essential for Australian Childcare business success has been incorporated into one of the nation's leading CCMS offerings.

June 15th, Melbourne (Service) –When working towards the creation or maintenance of a successful Childcare business in Australia, it's essential for operators to follow the latest national standards and initiatives –and the Early Years Learning Framework is no exception. This potentially powerful framework is aimed towards helping educators and caregivers ensure that children are served with the right tools for quality learning in a productive environment, and can also assist operators themselves with the meeting of important objectives. Yet working with EYLF can be cumbersome and may cause centres to incur extra costs. Thanks to the implementation of EYLF into Kidsoft, however, Childcare businesses can gain a critical advantage with a minimal disruption to the normal flow of work.

The first Australian Certified CCMS application to offer full integration with EYLF, Kidsoft helps businesses smoothly achieve the National Quality Standard, the National Quality Framework, the National Learning Framework, and constructive, meaningful child portfolios. Getting started with EYLF and taking advantage of its many opportunities for improving and invigorating business while improving the quality of care has never been easier.

Rather than separate EYLF functionality, Kidsoft has seamlessly integrated the framework within its original application, making it simple and hassle-free to enjoy the framework's various modules. There's no extra software to learn, meaning centres won't have to allocate funding to new training or software purchases. In fact, the pricing for EYLF modules is based on data usage rather than enrolled children, a model that's certain to save centres plenty of money. With both 2- and 4-gb options, Kidsoft will likely halve the costs of most standalone EYLF software solutions.

The Kidsoft application also offers many easy access options, and is useful even for those centres that do not submit to FaHCSIA services. Kidsoft is available on mobile devices including the iPad, and can be accessed from nearly any desktop through the cloud. Bringing functionality, mobility, and important frameworks to the fingertips of Australia's Childcare providers, Kidsoft is making management more effective.

Kidsoft is Australia's Certified CCMS / EYLF solution for Long Day Care (LDC), OSCH, Family Day Care (FDC), Kindergarten, In Home Care (IHC), Vacation Care (VAC), Before School Care (BSC), and After School Care (ASC).

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NumeroPro was founded when it merged with PC Pro Systems in June 2007. With clients in every state and territory of Australia, NumeroPro has developed a suite of products that cover all aspects of running a successful Child Care Centre. The NumeroPro management team has over 23 years of extensive Childcare industry experience. In addition to our ability to leverage in-depth local experience, knowledge and understanding of the Australian Child Care Industry, we offer a simple to understand, cost efficient, unique solution to managing your business.

NumeroPro has operated and been involved in Childcare Centres across every State and Territory in Australia.

Completed due diligence on 300 Long Day Childcare Centres across Australia.

Member of the GoodStart Due Diligence Steering Committee – Acquisition of 678 ABC Learning Centres.

Owned and/or operated 200+ Long Day Childcare Centres across Australia.


CCMS Certified software - KIDSOFT, Childcare Management, Childcare Consulting, Outsourced Payroll Services, Childcare Due Diligence, Payment Gateway Services, Tender Preparation, SWOT Analysis

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Kidsoft offers same day transaction processing and improved cash flow to make managing your business easy. The application includes a cutting edge payment gateway with no contracts, no establishment fees, no monthly access fees, and no merchant fees! Kidsoft was designed specifically to make managing your business easy, giving you more time and flexibility to focus on what is important to you! Get your money faster, Stop waiting for third parties to process your payments by using Kidsoft's innovative new business model. Kidsoft is teamed with DebitPro to give you real-time payment processing with automatically updated customer statements. Access from anywhere, Kidsoft is hosted in the cloud. This means that you can access your data from anywhere on earth, on any device. All you need is an internet connection and a login! Kidsoft works on Windows, OSX, Linux, Mac, PC, and many other systems. Free, LIVE updates, Since Kidsoft requires no messy software installations, it is easy for us to provide you with free live updates whenever a new feature has been added to the application. Our developers work hard coding and testing the features so all you have to do is enjoy the benefits added. Stay up to date. Kidsoft is social! As a social media friendly application we use Facebook, Twitter, and the Web to keep you up to date with the Childcare industry topics, news, and events that matter to you!
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