Wednesday, June 13th, 2012
If you feel inexperienced and confused in the Forex market, you're definitely not alone. Every day, people jump ship from the regular types of investments and land in the biggest and most dynamic financial market in the world today. While you are definitely making a good choice getting involved in the Forex market, it is a big place and it can get a little intimidating. To help you take the reins of your Forex trading career, here are a few tips to keep in mind for beginners.

Be Skeptical

As you will soon find out, the Forex market is a land full of broken promises. There are a lot of "snake oil salesman" out there who will be happy to take your money if you'll give it to them. They routinely sell systems or secrets that they claim are guaranteed to help you make millions of dollars overnight.

As with anything else in life, you should be a little bit skeptical about any claims that are made by people trying to sell you something. You need to independently verify any claims that are made by these people before parting with your money. For example, you should read reviews from other traders and check with independent trade verification services before relying on a new system.

The Trend is Definitely Your Friend

As with any other financial market, it is generally a good idea to stay with the trend. While there are exceptions to this rule, the trend of the market tells you what to expect in the near future. Some trends are longer than others. In some markets, there is no trend and the price keeps jumping up and down. There are a number of different indicators that you can use to figure out the trend like the MACD and Bollinger Bands.

Sometimes, the market will have a pullback even though it is generally moving in the direction of the trend. Many successful systems try to identify when the pullback will occur and then place a trade in the direction of the trend to maximize profits.

Don't Suffer from Information Overload

Many new traders have a hard time dealing with all of the information that they are learning about the Forex market. In reality, it can be very overwhelming if you are not prepared for it. Sometimes, you might look at for five different charts, rules for your trading system, articles about trading and other pieces of information at the same time.

If it ever feels like you are about to freak out, just step back and take a break for a minute. There will always be another opportunity to trade in the Forex market. Even if you miss one chance to make money, you'll be able to find another one shortly.

Be Patient and Persistent

In this market, you're probably not going to get rich overnight. Many people come into the Forex market with unrealistic expectations because of the claims that are made by people who are trying to sell them something. The Forex market is just like any other financial market. You have to be very patient and persistent in order to get anywhere.

If you lose a few trades, you can't simply give up and start doing something else. Traders will experience losing streaks from time to time. If you have faith in your system, you need to keep trading and eventually you'll break out of your funk.

Patience is critical in this market. Sometimes, it may be a while before a good trading opportunity comes along. Don't try to bend the rules of your system to get more trades. Wait for the best opportunities that actually match up with the rules of your system. Finding one profitable trade is better than taking five trades that end up losing because you didn't follow the rules of your system.

The Broker Can Make or Break You

Even if you have a perfectly legitimate trading system, the broker that you choose could have an impact on your profitability. Some systems are very broker dependent and will not work on certain platforms. Before choosing a broker, do little bit of research and find out which brokers are the most appropriate for the type of trading style that you're using.

When using a scalping software trading program, you're going to need a broker that offers very low spreads and fast execution. Otherwise, your trading strategy probably will not be profitable.


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