Sunday, June 10th, 2012
The Australian solar industry has welcomed today’s announcement of the winner of the Solar Flagship program – a 159 megawatt solar PV plant in regional NSW - at half the original price tag.

“This is a game changer”, said John Grimes, the Chief Executive of the Australian Solar Energy Society. “Big Solar has arrived in Australia.”

“Solar prices are dropping by the month and the more than 50% saving on this project again shows how affordable and competitive this clean renewable source of energy can be for Australians.”

“The Australian Solar Energy Society now urges the Australian Government to use the unallocated Solar Flagships funds to help deliver a swathe of 10-50 megawatt solar PV projects right across Australia.”

“Australian families know rooftop solar saves them money and can deliver cheaper power than polluting power stations.”

“Solar is now the rational economic choice. Big Solar is ready to compete with polluting power on price alone.”

“Minister Ferguson is absolutely right – ‘at the end of the day it all comes down to cost’.

“The great news is that solar is already winning on cost.”

“Big Solar is ready to compete with dirty power on price alone. This same dramatic reduction in the cost of solar PV means the Australian Government can now deliver this159 megawatt project for $129.7 million, more than half the funding previously budgeted for the former BP Solar project in Moree.”

“The Australian Solar Energy Society congratulates the Australian Government and the successful proponents, First Solar and AGL, on the announcement of the $450 million Big Solar plants in Broken Hill and Nyngan.”

“Big Solar is on a roll in Australia. In addition to the 159 megawatt project in NSW, we will also see 210 megawatts in the ACT and a 10 megawatt First Solar plant in WA, and that is just the beginning.”

“The combination of Solar Flagships, carbon pricing, the Renewable Energy Target and the $10 billion Clean Energy Finance Corporation will see solar on steroids. Australian families will be the big winner from Big Solar through the delivery of low cost, zero pollution power.”

“The ACT solar auction, which was informed by similar successful approaches in South Africa, India and California, provides a good model for delivering Big Solar quickly and cheaply.

“I don’t think governments are prepared for the prices that are now possible, and what that means for the future of power in Australia. We are looking forward to the results of the first phase of the auction process, and again demonstrating that solar is the economically rational choice for Australia.”

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