Friday, June 8th, 2012
Australian contact centre recruitment specialist FuturePeople has launched its inaugural Trend Report, detailing the key facts, insights and trends in the Australian contact centre industry.

The 28-page report includes a salary guide on who’s earning what and why, strategies to beat attrition and an investigation into why successful businesses are placing happiness at the core of their strategy.

Demand for call centre talent at all-time high

The FuturePeople Trend Report 2012 details why people are a core priority of the contact centre industry this year.

“Demand for contact centre talent today is higher than it has ever been – it is highest in the country second only to mining,” says Linda Simonsen, FuturePeople CEO & Founder.

“At the same time, with the industry’s attrition now at 43%, there has never been a more important time to understand the key drivers of what staff want and how to engage them properly.”

The shift in what today’s employees want

The FuturePeople Trend Report 2012 details what today’s employees want – and the results are surprising. The old priorities of career longevity and salary are out, and issues including flexibility, social media access and engagement are in.

“There is a huge shift in today’s employees to wanting work to be a complement to their life – rather than the other way around,” Simonsen says.

“Employees also want to feel part of something important, whether that’s a culture, a group or a place that values them and makes them feel special.”

Understanding why staff engagement matters

No matter how much the contact centre industry changes, there is something that is always top of the agenda: people.

According to Simonsen: “That means not only understanding people as staff, but understanding that the role they play in customer engagement – and therefore organisational performance – is vital.”

“With 80% of customer interactions now occurring via the contact centre, it is becoming a very powerful communication, customer service and branding channel for organisations. And people are at the core of that.”

Tackling the contact centre industry staff turnover rate

At a time when the Australian contact centre industry is facing a 43% staff turnover rate, it has never been more important to not only understand why attrition is so high but to start implementing change, Simonsen says.

“I don’t believe that high staff turnover is an inevitability in this industry. I do believe – and I know for a fact – that smart contact centre managers are introducing genuine change in their workforces. Those changes are leading to both a dramatic reduction in turnover but a serious hike in company revenue.”

Included in the FuturePeople Trend Report 2012 is an exclusive interview with Antoine Casgrain, who has twice received the award for The World’s Best Contact Centre. Casgrain, who is General Manager of Customer Contact Centres, Retail Banking at St.George Bank, cut his staff turnover rate from 24% to 6% – and here shares his five secrets on how he did it.

Features in the FuturePeople Trend Report 2012:

  • Market snapshot - 5 key priorities for 2012
  • Salary report - Who’s earning what & why
  • The happy factor - Why employee happiness is smart business
  • Happy staff = happy customers - Secrets from St.George Bank’s Antoine Casgrain
  • The 5 key attrition drivers - What they are & how to beat them
  • Understanding jobseekers - Cracking the code of what they want
  • Future watch - Hot skillsets of the future

The FuturePeople Trend Report 2012 is available online now at


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