Friday, June 8th, 2012

Media Release: Sydney, Thursday 7 June 2012

Human Appeal International (HAI) Australia would like to clarify certain statements which were reported in The Australian newspaper today.

As a charitable, humanitarian, non-governmental organisation (NGO) established in 1991, Human Appeal specialises in social and educational development, health care and emergency relief.

"Human Appeal is an organisation that works for the benefit of the less fortunate and needy around the world," Bashar Al-Jamal, regional director said.

Dr Al Suwaidan was invited to Australia as a recognised expert in the field of management and training as part of Human Appeal's educational programs to provide high quality leadership and personal development skills courses to the community.

"Dr Al Suwaidan's profile will also boost Human Appeal's fundraising efforts for the Syrian refugees by being present at the fundraising dinners organised for Sydney and Melbourne," said Mr Al-Jamal.

Human Appeal has referred the allegations made in The Australian report to Dr Al Suwaidan in Kuwait and is awaiting his response.

The reported comments by Ali Kazak in 2003 are baseless and without foundation. Mr Kazak did not at the time present a shred of evidence to support his vexatious claims. Human Appeal has strict policies and procedures for all charity projects that it manages. Funds are transferred to HAI field offices and partner NGOs in affected regions. Comprehensive reports including photos of the completed projects are then received by HAI and all funds accounted for. Human Appeal's financial reports are audited by a registered company auditor on an annual basis and have always complied with the relevant government authority.

Human Appeal would like to emphasise that we have never had any links to Hamas. All our projects in Palestine are implemented by HAI field offices there.

"In the interview yesterday with The Australian's journalist, Rowan Callick, I mentioned that I visited The Westbank in 2005 and again in May 2011 to oversee our projects firsthand. My visits included stops in Jerusalem, Hebron, Nablus, Jenin, Ramallah, Al Ramleh, Yafa and Tel-Aviv -- all with the consent of the Israeli authorities," Mr Al-Jamal said.

These important facts were omitted from The Australian's report.


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Human Appeal International Australia is a non-governmental humanitarian organisation seeking funds from supporters to assist in providing services to thousands of poor and needy people.
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