Thursday, June 7th, 2012
From July 9th to 15th Melbourne will become the hub of tap in the southern hemisphere.
The Australian Tap Dance Festival is one of a kind in Australasia and will bring world-class tap dancers together for a jam-packed week to teach, inspire and share their talent and experience with participants of all ages and all levels.

Featuring an all Australian Festival Faculty including:
• stage, TV & film professionals
• a Fred Astaire International Tap Champion
• co-founder of Tap Dogs & Hot Shoe Shuffle
(Australia’s most successful tap dance shows)
• original members of Tap Dogs
• representative for the International Tap Association
• a member of Acia Gray’s renowned Tapestry Dance Company in the USA
• Australian representative for Nigel Lythgoe’s Superstars of Dance
• the creator of Tapatak Oz syllabus (used in Aus, NZ, UK, Italy, France, USA)

Australia has had a foundation in tap because of shows like Tap Dogs, and there is a community of teachers, that have inspired the young generations of dancers. It’s really important that there is a festival that brings those communities together to share their styles and cultures. It shows that tap is not exclusively American; it is about creating music and an individual style. - Jason Samuels-Smith (Tap Dancer, Emmy Award Winner)

There is something for everyone from a Shim Sham Flash Mob to Capezio Dance Off Contest to masterclasses, a free absolute beginners class and the Australia’s Got Tap Festival Show, you don’t have to have a pair of tap shoes to enjoy the festivities!

For further information and interview requests contact:
Festival Organiser - Ella Lehaf [email protected] / 0403 138 275
(High res images available on request)

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Australian Tap Dance Festival

Why a tap festival?

To further the advancement of the tap dance art form in this country.
Grant Swift and Winston Morrison, visionaries and directors of tap festivals in Australia, have both traveled regularly to the USA to bring back insight from the masters of the artform to share the important history of tap dance and to ensure Australian tap dancers are exposed to the calibre of tap dance required to perform on a world stage,

Furthermore it allows tap dancers of all ages, levels and backgrounds to come together, learning and sharing in a nurturing environment. It also allows exposure to the best in the field and an education of the art form that students would not necessarily obtain from a tap dance class.

For the tap dancer, there are residencies and masterclasses from beginner to advanced and teacher levels.
For the public, there are night time events including Film Night and Festival Show.

The ultimate experience - get involved!
Ella Lehaf
P: 61403138275
M: 61403138275


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