Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Inspired by Gary Connery’s historic flight in May this year, jumping from an aircraft to land safely wearing his wingsuit, the diana-ware wing dress mimics the aeronautic style of his wingsuit. Shaped with pinned sleeves to simulate wings, the dress flows over the fuller figure in a streamlined look. The special material used does not cling but flows sensuously over the curves to flatten kg’s off your look.

Comments like “you have lost weight” are characteristic. A new blend of Cotton and Spandex, Sappenet is the secret to the smooth fit that reduces the unwanted highlighting often found with clinging jerseys.

“We wanted to restore confidence in the bigger woman to look chique” says Diana, Founder of diana-ware, the fashion label on a range of funky and alternate clothing for women. “Sappenet has exceeded all our expectations” she continues excitedly, “now a Size 24 too can look good and confidently feel good.”

Perfect for the cooler days ahead, supplies of wing dresses are quickly shipped to retailers in order to meet the growing demand as the flattening and flattering benefits of the wing dress in the new material are being realized.


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diana-ware Wholesale Fashion

diana-ware is a small importer of ladies fashion specializing in niche clothing often described as funky or alternate. Our mission and passion is to bring your customers something different all the time so that your customers never tire of coming to your retail establishment, whether shop or market stall.

Also to buy at good prices to pass on the savings to you, who in turn, can pass on the savings to your customer.

My other passion is quality and service. 

Catering for the bigger girls is our speciality even though it is often difficult to get good supply.

Dr Edward Brell
P: 0413824447


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