Thursday, June 7th, 2012
Melbourne, Australia, 6 June 2012 - today became the first Australian retailer to be IPv6 configured and compliant.

This coincides with World IPv6 launch day, an international event highlighting the need for more websites and online services to enable the new platform.

Kogan is a trailblazer in technical innovation, and is leading the Australian IPv6 charge, joining global giants like Google, Facebook, Bing, and Yahoo.

Senior Engineer at Kogan, Jesse O’Connor, says that while Kogan is leading the way in Australia, it is vital for other internet businesses to follow suit and become IPv6 compliant.

“IPv4 addresses are a limited resource and as more of the world hops online, this will become ever more apparent. We're now at over 2 billion people connected to the web around the world.

“At we are innovating not only in terms of the products that hundreds of thousands of Australians have in their homes, we're also doing exciting things in ways that help our business run more efficiently.

“As the technology leader in Australian Online Retail, we recognise the importance of implementing the latest technologies and standards. Enabling IPv6 for our website ensures that all customers can reach us, both now and in the future, over IPv4 and IPv6.

“APNIC was the first regional Internet Registry to run out of freely allocated IPv4 addresses, on 15 April 2011. This means that like it or not, Asia-Pacific will be leading the world in IPv6 adoption among end users as ISPs will simply not have sufficient IPv4 addresses to hand out to new customers. Businesses operating in this region need to enable IPv6 to continue being accessible to all users.

“We’re not just future proofing, we’re making a statement today. It’s paramount for the ongoing growth and innovation on the internet that more Australian businesses follow our lead,” says Jesse O’Connor.

Kogan’s IPv6 compliant website is live at

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Kogan is a designer, manufacturer and retailer of consumer electronics. Kogan's streamlined business model allows us to bring the latest and best consumer electronics and home appliances direct to the door of smart shoppers through and We engage our customers through our blog, Facebook and Twitter, and release new products based on the feedback we receive. We believe there is always a better way to create and deliver the technology people want. We think technology can make the world a better place, and we want it more affordable for all.

Kogan has received many awards for success in Australian and International markets including:
BRW 2011 Fast 100
BRW 2011 Young Rich List
BRW 2010 Fast 100
BRW 2010 Young Rich List
BRW 2010 Fast Starters list
Australian Retail Association 2010 Retail Innovator of the Year
Virgin Australia Top Guns in Tech 2011
T3 magazine most influential people in technology
The Age Top 100 most influential people in Melbourne
BRW 2009 Young Rich List
BRW 2009 Fast Starters list
Anthill Top 30 Under 30 Entrepreneurs
My Business 2010 Best Young Gun in Business
Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Young Category, Southern Region
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