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By applying a combination of crowdsourcing, collaboration and common-sense PaperAct won the Australia’s 100 most innovative products or services, in one of the largest and most audacious innovation awards of its kind in Australia – the Anthill Magazine ‘SMART 100’ Readers’ Choice.

Anthill Magazine-

You know how you are struggling to file and retrieve your important documents when you need them? Including paper, emails, attachments and electronic documents?

What PaperAct provides is a solution for the storing, converting, organising, retrieving, sharing, viewing printing and communicating of all documents from a centralised cloud account. In fact, PaperAct users not only saving on space, time and money but also can access all their important documents from anywhere at anytime using any device.

PaperAct is the easiest way to centralise and manage ALL your important documents.
PaperAct enables you to:

  • Scan to the cloud from your browser!
  • Email important emails and attachments directly to your cloud account
  • Drag and Drop your document to the cloud
  • Capture documents using your smart phone…..and much more

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About the Smart 100
The SMART 100 Index was created by leading business media channel Anthill Magazine in 2008 to identify and rankAustralia’s 100 most innovative products, proving to be one of the largest surveys of its kind inAustralia.

“In true Anthillian style, the SMART 100 is an ever-evolving, ever-improving experiment,” said Anthill founder and Editor-In-Chief James Tuckerman.

“It identifies and ranks new Australian innovations by applying a combination of crowdsourcing, collaboration and common-sense. We employ the judgement of ‘mavens’ and readers.

“Unlike your average awards program, we don’t lock a panel of expert adjudicators in a small room. Neither do we demand a thorough analysis of each applicant’s P&L statement. We don’t even request an historical snapshot of ‘runs on the board’ or commercial achievements.

“This is because innovation is future focussed. It is about identifying and solving problems in ways that will change the way we live, do business and think.”

What is Anthill Magazine?

Anthill was initially launched as a print magazine, in September 2003, by its current editor-in-chief James Tuckerman, who at the age of 26 quit his day job, departing a promising career in corporate PR, to pursue his own entrepreneurial journey.

Since then, it has evolved into one ofAustralia’s leading online communities for Australian business owners, ranked among the Top 50 Business & Finance websites in Australia by Nielsen Online Ratings. It is dedicated to innovation, entrepreneurship and the commercial development of Australian ideas.


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PaperAct Solutions

PaperAct Solution is a successful private company specializes in systems and software development leveraging Cloud based computing architectures and tools.

Our head office is located in Melbourne, Victoria where we have a team of highly experienced and certified software developers and engineers.

PaperAct builds versatile and feature rich Cloud and Appliance based solutions for the filing, organizing, processing and on-line access of documents for People and Business.

Our Electronic Filing Cabinet Solutions are targeted at small to medium size businesses and workgroups of larger organizations and deliver cost effective, easy to use Document Imaging, Document Organizing and Document Filing capability and performance, traditionally only available at the enterprise level.

All our solutions are designed and built to Save Space, Save Time and Save Money by making ALL your Documents accessible from Anywhere, at Anytime, using Any Device which supports a browser.
Gil Hidas
P: +61 3 9018 5400


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