Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Is your favourite book The Lean Start-up? Do you pore over Steve Jobs biography and follow Mark Zuckerberg on Twitter?

If you don’t know what all these questions mean, you may not be ready for MEGA.

MEGA is an Entrepreneurship Masterclass series and pitch contest that develops great mobile, digital content and ICT business ideas for global markets – and the idea does not even have to be yours!

Students, marketers, accountants, managers and all people with business ideas in mobile, digital content and ICT are welcome to apply. All you need to do is register for the MEGA SA program before July 6 and join the team you think is most likely to have a winning concept.

The MEGA program takes place over 12 intensive evening workshops in Adelaide where participants are coached by some of Australia’s leading entrepreneurial trainers. It culminates in a Pitch Day when the teams have a chance to win cash and in-kind prizes. A panel of expert judges and an audience of hand-picked investors join other talented people ready and willing to take your new business to the next level.

MEGA National Project Manager Peta Pash says that the program builds a business case around ideas to prepare them for seed or angel funding rounds and can act as a feeder to further incubation programs.

“All you need is a passionate desire to bring an innovative business idea to fruition,” Pash says. “While there are several cash and in-kind prizes, everyone who completes the MEGA program comes out a winner, with skills you just can’t learn in traditional training environments.”

Here are a few comments from MEGA graduates:

"Before MEGA I was just one inventor with an idea that I thought had potential to change the world. After MEGA I had a dedicated and skilled team, some money to pursue this idea, a fantastic mentor, a well thought out business model and business plan, a great pitch which has been exposed to a large audience and a great network of MEGA Alumni. I highly recommend it to anyone who has an idea in the digital space…" -- Leith Mudge, Sirenus

“Participating in MEGA allowed our team to develop a good idea into a substantial business proposition for immediate pursuit.” -- Andrada Tudor, aProxyMate

"I'd recommend MEGA to anyone looking to catalyse a young venture through its crucial earliest stages, particularly those relatively new to the world of digital enterprise." -- Michael Dawson, Foodcloud Pty Ltd

Important Dates:

Applications for the Adelaide-based Enterpreneurship Masterclass close 6 July, 2012.

The program starts on Tuesday July 17th with Pitch Day on December 14th 2012.

Register now at www.mega.org.au

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MEGA is for individuals and teams who would like to expand their creative, technical and business skills by creating new digital products and services for global markets.
During the program you can work alone or collaborate with like-minded people with complementary skills to build an idea into a product or service, pitch for investment, increase your skill levels for employment and meet potential employers.

Industry experts and mentors share their expertise to provide a hands-on workshop program, where you will:

• learn from industry experts
• pitch your product or service to a panel of national experts
• network with other like minded entrepreneurs
• meet a business mentor who will guide you
• win cash and prizes
• receive ongoing support from MEGA

Participants are also supported by a large MEGA support network of industry, education and government.

MEGA sponsors include: Next Faze, AIMIA, enabled, Government of South Australia, Adelta Legal, Mobile Monday, RiAus, University of South Australia and ANAT.
Peta Pash, National Project Manager, MEGA
P: 0411 421 619
W: www.mega.org.au


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