Monday, June 4th, 2012
The IQ Group today announced that StatewideSuper has implemented a tailored electronic application to automate the processing of non-standard electronic files from employers to its core back-office processing platform.

IQ Group’s tailored Contribution Loading Interface (CLI) has positively impacted on operational and productivity improvements for the industry fund and assisted with preparation for the impending Federal Government SuperStream initiative technology changes.

StatewideSuper needed to resolve a back-office processing issue between its existing electronic business solution for Employers and internal back-office processing platform. Employers were reluctant to reformat superannuation files into the standard format required by StatewideSuper’s employer gateway, instead preferring to email or transfer via clearing houses and payroll providers or FTP scanned copies of paper files.

As these ‘electronic’ forms were received from employers, they then had to be re-keyed individually into the back-office application, increasing the processing time and potential error rates, while maintaining manual processing and administration procedures. In effect, an electronic system was reduced to a paper format operation.

For StatewideSuper’s Operations Manager, Stuart Brown, solving this back-office processing issue was an opportunity to undertake an assessment of related challenges. “Over 75 per cent of our employers have less than three staff on board and there is little incentive for them to adopt another layer of administration to enable us to process their paperwork. We wanted to solve these administrative challenges and continue to enhance our customer service outcomes for members.”

“We needed to partner with a superannuation industry and technology specialist that could assess the issues we were facing with our existing back-office processing software and provide the necessary recommendations we needed to solve the issue in a tight timeframe. We elected to work with IQ Group as we had the confidence that they could deliver to our specifications and pressing deadline. Every dealing with them was exemplary – from the motivated team members to the project management and identification of issues and delivery of the iqCLI solution. It has now become a critical application in our back-office processing,” said Stuart Brown, Operations Manager, StatewideSuper.

During a 12-week period, IQ developed a set of 18 mapped file types for the Contribution Loading Interface (CLI) specifically tailored for the existing platform by deploying an Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) solution. This allowed any electronic file from an employer to now be corrected in the new iqCLI interface and automatically processed to the administration platform. Importantly, the new interface also allowed verification and straight through allocation of each individual member payment amount.

The iqCLI application is now considered as critical in StatewideSuper’s back-office processing regime.

“The iqCLI solution has delivered true business value as it has tightly integrated our core back-office processing platform, greatly enhanced the service level of the processing facilities we can provide and additionally has the capacity to scale to meet increases in new member data. A very positive side effect of this is that we have also completed the primary SuperStream-readiness program for those employers that must meet the 1 July 2014 deadline,” said Brown.

To date, the iqCLI application has reduced batch processing efforts of the team markedly. In the first 30 days, over 17,000 employer contributions, over 10,000 files and over 85,000 members were processed to 18 mapped file formats.

“An example of our time and cost savings relate to one particular monthly batch that was taking three to four days to manually re-key and process from a paper submission. With our new iqCLI electronic format we can process that batch in one to two hours. That’s over 90 per cent operational improvement for that one batch alone,” said Brown.

“We believe that overall we are benefiting from a 20 per cent productivity improvement and expect that this will continue over the life of the application,” he continued. “We also have a large group of smaller employers that fall outside of the SuperStream-readiness deadline for 2014 and they will continue to benefit from this greatly enhanced processing interface well before their 2015 deadline.”

StatewideSuper’s perseverance to solve this key administration challenge is a positive example of how to leverage existing technology and deliver the level of competitive advantage and service required in the Stronger Super era. For IQ Group’s Graham Sammells, the project showcases a range of commercial benefits.

“StatewideSuper now has a solution that is focused on its needs as well as the requirements of its client base. In only 30 days, the major processing issues were resolved and the uptake has been exceptional. We applaud their persistence in ensuring that this key administrative task was resolved. Their ability to innovate has already provided highly positive operational outcomes and this takes StatewideSuper as close to Straight Through Processing for its back-office processes as you could achieve,” said Sammells.

“We must also acknowledge the efforts of StatewideSuper to tackle the challenges outlined in the Federal Government’s SuperStream initiative. It will be a relatively simple amendment to incorporate the electronic document formatting into the iqCLI application now in operation at StatewideSuper and this will ease the IT infrastructure challenge and legislation requirements for the fund in the future,” Sammells concluded.

The iqCLI solution also has the ability to be tailored for any superannuation fund utilising an employer payment gateway and has the potential to cut hundreds of hours of manual contribution processing time from a fund’s back office each month.

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