Monday, June 4th, 2012
Award-winning Australian company Microskin has signed a license agreement in the Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh, covering the Middle East.

Microskin are the developers of a simulated skin which can be used to alleviate the aesthetic disabilities associated with burns, scarring and a number of disfiguring skin conditions.

Microskin executive chairman Barry Amor says the new license agreement represents a major step forward for the company in terms of broadening their demographic and business market.

“While we’ve opened clinics in New York and California, this new clinic in Saudi Arabia’s capital sees us expanding our geographic reach even further and capturing new markets that weren’t previously exposed to our product,” Mr Amor says.

“The Middle East has a high incidence of vitiligo and other skin conditions, so Microskin’s product will provide us with a great opportunity to reach new clients and provide them with effective solutions for their skin issues.”

Microskin is applied to the affected area, and can stay on the skin for several days. It is highly breathable and allows for hair growth and shaving as normal skin would.

The treated area can even be submerged underwater without it damaging the application, and Microskin’s breathability allows the user to sweat normally.

The agreement is with The Light Clinic, which is considered to be one of the largest vitiligo treatment centres in the world with approximately 18,000 patients and eight sister clinics.

The deal will see a total of four Microskin clinics open in the region over the next three years.

Mr Amor says the opening of the Riyadh clinic is evidence of Microskin’s ability to garner attention worldwide.

“People that live with skin conditions or injuries often struggle trying to conceal them,” he says.

“A basic internet search for terms like eczema or rosacea will bring back huge numbers of results, many of which are online discussions between sufferers who are looking for solutions.

“What our web monitoring has shown us is that people are talking more and more about Microskin, and it’s this increased public consciousness that has contributed to our ability to set up franchises in such a wide variety of locations.

“We intend to use this momentum to investigate other franchising options in new locations in Europe, Asia, and South America.”

Microskin have utilised a franchise model to expand the business since 2010, when they opened their first clinic outside Australia at the Laser and Skin Surgery Center of New York.

Each clinic has facilities to undertake computer skin tone matching for patients, as well as training in how to apply the product to their own skin.

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