Sunday, June 3rd, 2012
The industry is doing it tough. People are being careful with their dollar. Business is highly competitive and wary.

Sound familiar? Yes, it's the current state of play across all South Australia. In particular, the wine and hospitality industry. Plagued by issues around the general economy, wine gluts, export doom, storage costs, over crowding, and slow consumers, the industry is doing it hard. We hear that.

Unearthing wine experiences, the brand, gives industry the opportunity to collaborate with multiple parties, with in a theme, at an event styled to raise awareness and understandings about different "things". Things like wine and experiences! However, these experiences don't always provide the immediate cash sale so desperately needed by business and so, in these times, opportunities can be snubbed, critised or just plain ignored.

This is a short sighted.

Charlie-Helen Robinson, Founder of the Unearthing Experiences, DeadRedWine Group, says "It is refreshing to be able to share experiences with members, that offer long term benefits to business who support and back member events. Our members enjoy the development of long term relationships realised initially through our events. Members talk about these events for months, and on share what they have experienced frequently."

Charlie continues, "There are many examples and stories from members who choose wine known to them, for example when at a restaurant or wine outlet. It's simple. They taste the wine at our member events and know that when they select those when out, it will be good."

She shares stories such as the members who, when wine sampling at a famous Melbourne Wine Bar, chose the McLaren Vale Gemtree over all others. And also some stories from Charlie herself, when Sunday lunching with friends, she noticed the Kay Brothers wine on the list and recommended it to the group. They chose this wine.

There is much to gain from the old-fashioned wine tasting experience. Even in tough times. The preference these days is to do it smarter, with more flair or style, by hosting unique events, that offer new experiences, to engage and help generate more conversation post event. In particular conversation that can be shared via social media, generating more eyes and awareness.

The wine and hospitality industries would both do well to target groups and people such as the DeadRed Wine Group members, who obviously enjoy good wine and are generally social business owners and professionals. The long term benefits far outweigh any small upfront cost.


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Unearthing [Wine] Experiences

The concept for the DeadRed WineGroup, now known under the brand as Unearthing [Wine] Experiences, started on the eve of a dinner party hosted by Charlie Helen Robinson, which boasted a Penfolds Grange. The challenge had been set to find a wine that could match such a pedigree.
Charlie-Helen Robinson
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