Sunday, June 3rd, 2012
THREE WA mothers fed up with their children getting head lice have scored a microbusiness award for inventing their own treatment to solve the problem.

Known as Hit Nitz 4 6 [*note to subs: spelling correct], the product was developed after Melissa Barrett, Michelle Olden and Gaby Bracks researched how insects and fleas were removed in medieval times.

Hit Nitz 4 6 was named best microbusiness at the Midwest Business Excellence Awards on May 26 and will now go on to the GWN Western Australian Regional Small Business Awards later in the year as a finalist in the microbusiness category.

In searching for a head lice treatment, the three Geraldton women came across wormwood, a natural plant product, which proved positive after initial testing on their own children.

A further study of 80 children found it was 92 per cent effective in preventing head lice infestations.

Working as a research assistant professor at the Combined Universities’ Centre for Rural Health, based at the University of WA, Ms Barrett found head lice had developed immunity to the common active ingredients found in head lice treatments.

“This immunity had actually developed a breed of super lice,” she said. “It was no wonder I’d been unsuccessful in treating my daughter.

“A friend’s mother mentioned trying wormwood because it was used when she was a child to kill all sorts of nasty bugs.

“I happened to have some growing in my garden so I brewed some up, sprayed it in my daughter’s hair and it was successful in killing the lice and keeping them away when she used it daily.”

Ms Olden and Ms Bracks soon came on board and the three invested capital into developing and trialling what would become Hit Nitz 4 6, using wormwood as the active ingredient.

“We have been amazed by the feedback we get from our customers,” Ms Barrett said.

“People who have tried everything give our product a go and can’t believe it when it actually works.

“I think we’ve saved a quite few mums from despair.

“Hit Nitz 4 6 uses an organic supply of wormwood, a 100 per cent natural active ingredient, so it’s safe to use on everyone.”

With no need to comb out the lice, the treatment involves applying the Hit Nitz 4 6 Once-Off lotion generously to the hair and scalp, leaving it for four hours and then washing it out.

A control spray, used daily, ends the head lice cycle.

“The recurring lice in my daughter’s hair has turned out to be a blessing in disguise for myself and my friends,” Ms Barrett said.

The Hit Nitz 4 6 range is available from and pharmacies and health food stores around Australia.

Hit Nitz 4 6 creators Gaby Bracks, left, Michelle Olden, centre, and Melissa Barrett, right.

The Hit Nitz 4 6 treatment uses wormwood as its active ingredient – a 100 per cent natural plant product, safe to use on anyone.

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Hit Nitz 4 6

"Imagine being nit free! Imagine not having to use synthetic chemicals on our children! And imagine not having to sit and comb their hair for hours!"

What started out as two frustrated Mums trying to fix their own children's ongoing problems with nits and head lice has become a successful and rapidly expanding business with real credibility.

With an emphasis on finding an effective yet natural solution to head lice, Hit Nitz 4 6 is an Australian business that has come a long way and made some major achievements since it began in late 2009.
Melissa Barrett
P: 0429 397 173

Gaby Bracks

P: 0400 974 053


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