Friday, June 1st, 2012
Minsup is synonymous with Australian mining and after 55 years it has become part of the common vernacular. ‘Get me a hose with Minsups’ is as common as saying ‘lets use the escalator’ which also use to be a brand name for a moving staircase, formerly owned by the Otis Elevator Company.

This year Minsup, a premium brand for mining hose, fittings and accessories celebrates over 5 million fittings sold into the Australian mining market in the last decade.

Andrew Prentice, Dixon VP of Sales and Marketing for the Asia Pacific Region says “the Minsup range continues to be universally accepted by mining sites. The robust fitting is preferred over other types of quick release connections as it can withstand the rough and dirty conditions in a mine. Users can take one of these fittings, give it a knock to release dirt and mud out of the claw and connect it without a hassle”.

The premier fitting in the range is “Surelock”.

“Surelock fittings are extremely popular within the Minsup mining product range and they continues to be one of the most durable and robust fittings for underground mining applications in the market today” says Andrew

Unique to Minsup, the Surelock has impressive design features including a patented seal which provides maximum seal with least force to couple hoses with working pressures up to 1000 PSI, and they are manufactured using SG Iron instead of cast steel which is typical for claw fittings. SG Iron is important as the material used reduces the risk of porosity in the fitting and thus improves its durability and performance. Fitting sizes range from 3/8” to 3”.

Safety is paramount in mining, and the Minsup range comes with key features to ensure miners safety including its positive locking system combined with two locking pins. “If the locking pins were included, there would be in excess of 15 Million Minsup parts out there in mines right now” says Andrew.

In addition to the standard range of products the Minsup brand extends also includes Band Clamps, Econovalves, Butterfly Valves and Shouldered Clamps and Fittings to manage the mechanical flow of air and water throughout a mine site.

Dixon’s national footprint of distributors as well as 6 hose assembly centres ensures the Minsup range of specialty mining products and services are readily available in key mining hotspots through Australia.

Like all successful brands there have been plenty of copies – but there is only one genuine Minsup.

For more information about this product range, as well as other industrial hose and fitting enquiries, please contact Dixon (Asia Pacific) Pty Ltd on 1300 134 651.

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Dixon (Asia Pacific) Pty Ltd

Dixon (Asia Pacific) Pty Ltd, an affiliate of the USA based Dixon Valve and Coupling Company, is Australia’s leading manufacturer and supplier of mechanical flow control products and services spanning a wide range of industrial applications including mining, construction, manufacturing, food, beverage and brewery, diary processing, mobile tankers, chemical processing, petroleum, oilfields, refining and fire protection.
In addition, Dixon is the exclusive manufacturer of Minsup premium mining equipment and offers hose assembly and testing services throughout Australia.

With six warehouse and distribution hubs, a focus on product safety, innovation and performance, the Dixon range of products and services represents excellent value to businesses seeking reliability, service, technical support and performance. and
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