Tuesday, July 10th, 2012
Bridgestone’s new Turanza T001 – a tyre which features a tread pattern with special cavities that trap and counter noise – has been launched in Australian.

“The cavities in the T001 tread pattern trap the noise and, because of their design, they control the frequency and cancel much of the noise,” said Claudio Sodano, Bridgestone’s Group Technical Field Service Manager.

“It works on the principle of the Helmholtz silencer, where clever acoustic design can reduce and even eliminate undesirable noise. Our testing has shown that the T001 can deliver significant reductions in noise when compared to a traditional tyre.”

In addition to its lower noise profile, the Turanza T001 also features reduced rolling resistance for improved economy and CO2 emissions, Flat Contact Patch for significantly improved wear life and Nano Pro-Tech tread compound for unparalleled performance in the wet.

Original equipment on premium European vehicles including Audi and Mercedes-Benz, the Bridgestone Turanza T001 is available in a range of sizes to suit 15 to 18-inch wheels.

“The Turanza T001 combines excellent ride comfort and low noise together with the outstanding safety and performance characteristics they expect from Bridgestone,” Claudio said.

“It’s the ultimate tyre for drivers who want the premium touring experience for their car.”

For more information, find your nearest Bridgestone retail outlet by calling 131 229 or by visiting www.bridgestone.com.au

Media inquiries: Kristy Macfarlane, Michels Warren on 08 8267 6888 or 0402 557 527

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Bridgestone’s new Turanza T001



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