Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

As of today (May 29th) boutique Adelaide tea blending outfit The Devotea is offering their unique blends via licensed blenders in the US and the UK.

"We had built up so much social capital outside of Australia that it was the next logical step" explains Director Robert Godden. "It's a very strange world where a small business in one country has a tremendous following in others."

For that reason the Adelaide business chose to concentrate on international mail order centres rather than expanding eastwards from Adelaide.

"The mail order business across Australia is great, but physically, our opportunities are centred around wholesale customers in Adelaide where it is growing exponentially. In order to grow it in Sydney and Melbourne, we'd have to set up a base there and find some customers. We already have those potential buyers in the UK and the US, so it made sense to find an outfit in each location that could essentially duplicate what we have been through in the last couple of years.

"With some new wholesale systems coming on board, we hope to move our international colleagues through what we have learned over several years in a few months. Then we'll have a crack at Sydney and Melbourne."

Each of the distribution centres will kick off today with a subset of The Devotea range. Director Anne Drury-Godden explains: "The list of ingredients we use in our teas has some unique elements, and some of those are hard to obtain, or just very expensive in other territories.

"We also need to provide some assistance in person for a few of the blends, so we will be heading overseas shortly to conduct training sessions with our distribution centres on some of the more unique elements."

The Devotea range consists exclusively of unique blends of tea.

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The Devotea (A Division of Dreamer's Ball Pty Ltd)

The Devotea provides unique tea blends via mail order from centres in Adelaide, South Australia, Maidstone, UK and and San Antonio, Texas, USA.

Our offerings have a retro / antique / high tea feel. They are blended from teas which are drinkable by themselves.

Whereas teas are often blended to provide a bland consistent offering, the Devotea teas will modulate over time in response to the seasonal factors of the source teas.

The tea is blended by hand with no mechanical assistance and is sold on-line, and via outlets such as tea shops and cafés, speciality grocers and health food outlets.
Robert Godden
P: 0433413305
W: au.the-devotea.com/


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