Monday, May 28th, 2012

Before MasterChef Australia launched in 2009, product placement in cooking shows generally consisted of four or five brands being used by a celebrity chef or a series of contestants. Unfortunately these shows had limited appeal and were buried in an afternoon slot where they rated modestly. MasterChef Australia changed the game.

In the 2009 MasterChef finale there were nine products placed in the prime time programme; by 2011 that had increased to 35 brands in the finale alone. It is estimated that 48 brands have been placed in the 2012 series.

Forget for a moment the ratings, social interaction and digital activity; MasterChef has already returned the producers and Channel Ten a river of gold just from the product placement. Revenue from advertising is now icing on the cake.

Product placement in Australian TV is now here to stay, with Channel Nine's 'The Block' and Channel Seven's 'My Kitchen Rules' catching up fast. But are the brand owners getting a good deal? 

"Right now there is a huge interest in branded entertainment and product placement being shown by brand owners and agencies," said Showbrands MD Michael Byers.

"The question we keep getting asked is how do we measure our investment? Showbrands answers these questions. Our service encompasses ROI, impact, social integration, influence and leverage."

Showbrands utilises a variety of data sources. Placement imagery, for example, is supplied by ebiquity Australia. Hugh Gibson, MD of ebiquity commented: "Showbrands wanted to harness our monitoring abilities and we're delighted to work with them in this new research area."

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Showbrands was founded by Michael Byers in 2009 and is based in Sydney Australia. We are an independent consultancy specialising in branded entertainment measurement and strategy and work with brand owners, producers, agencies and networks on a confidential project basis across Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Showbrands has produced exclusive case studies on all MasterChef Australia series finales.
Michael Byers MD
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