Friday, May 25th, 2012

The Giving Network Launches National Campaign – ‘Give to Grow’ Encouraging Australians to Give At - A New Age of Regular, Sustainable Online Giving

In a national first, The Giving Network, Australia’s leaders in online donations and fundraising, and founders of mycause, today launched their national campaign ‘Give to Grow’ using the latest in online giving technology, OneDonation a unique website that will increase and manage regular giving for all Australian charities.

The Giving Network and mycause, having generated more than $AU10Million for Australian charities through the mycause fundraising platform, announced the ‘Give to Grow’ campaign to promote the importance of giving to charity in the lead-up to the end of financial year.

With the launch of OneDonation, Australia’s first and only one-stop online regular giving website that provides charities with a much anticipated fundraising solution to engage donors in regular giving and increase donations to Australian charities, the ‘Give to Grow’ appeal and OneDonation have been designed to make fundraising and regular giving easy.

New South Wales Senator Ursula Stephens has said “OneDonation is a unique new giving platform in Australia that fills an important gap. The focus is on individuals as donors, and makes online giving just like online banking - able to be managed without fuss and with flexibility. I commend all those involved in supporting efforts here in Australia to grow our culture of giving and certainly encourage both charities and donors to get on board!”

In providing a unique online regular giving platform that not only delivers a sustainable source of income and increases overall giving, OneDonation also provides charities with a comprehensive regular giving and fulfilment service that increases donor acquisition and reduces overheads through minimising the administration of all donation management procedures including regular credit card and online donation processing fees.

In light of the figures released by the ATO1 for 2009-10 on charitable giving, the need for people to give to charity through OneDonation online technology couldn’t be greater. While we saw an increase in the number of Australians claiming tax deductions for donations, there was also a sizeable drop in the actual amount donors gave. This, combined with the USA eNonprofit Benchmarks Study2 showing a substantial increase in the number of online donations (up by 20%) and an increase in revenue (up by 19%), and a growth of 250,000 supporters demonstrates that OneDonation not only provides charities with the capacity to increase online donations, but importantly increase donations through the promotion of regular giving.

Tania Burstin, dubbed ‘Australia’s Charity Queen’ and founder of The Giving Network and mycause said, “In the current economic climate, the greatest challenge faced by Australian charities is to sustain services through increased donor acquisition and regular donor income.

“In launching our ‘Give to Grow’ appeal and developing OneDonation, our objective is to encourage people to give and to leverage online technology that not only encourages Australians to give, but changes the way they do so by utilising smart, flexible and secure online tools that will increase overall giving and ensure charities have a sustainable income stream.

“When featured on OneDonation, charities can utilise email communication instead of being dependant on traditional direct mail fundraising appeals particularly in the lead-up to end of financial year by directing donors to their own regular giving page and encouraging supporters to give weekly, monthly or periodically, making supporting their favourite charity easier while providing the charity with a more reliable source of income,” Ms Burstin said.

“However, with OneDonation being promoted as the one-stop-shop for Australian giving, a primary benefit to all charities featured on OneDonation is that they can be easily found by individuals and businesses wanting to make a donation in line with their personal interests and the causes closes to their hearts,” she said.

There is no joining fee for charities to feature on OneDonation. Its fast and easy and once registered, charities can utilise the online resources to increase donations by downloading the charity kit that includes a Regular Giving Donation Button to place on their website and link direct to the charities’ own OneDonation page.

The kit also includes our national campaign ‘Give to Grow’ media release template enabling charities to simply add their own details and issue it to their local media to generate awareness of their need for funds, promote end of financial year giving and drive traffic to their website to locate the Regular Giving Donation Button for donors to click through to the charity’s OneDonation page.

The OneDonation Charity Portfolio system also offers multiple benefits to donors. It is user-friendly and provides donors with a choice of more than 1000 causes. The Portfolio system encourages regular giving and allow donors to allocate their annual budget, nominate how often they want to give and then the funds are deducted from their credit card at their nominated intervals.

There are no donor fees and donors can increase, change or stop their donations, run tax statements, print receipts and invoices at any time, while minimising bank charges. And at tax time, rather than searching for multiple receipts that have been issued at various times throughout the year from multiple charities, donors can download just one tax-deductible receipt for their combined annual donation.

To maximise end of financial year donations, from 1 June, The Giving Network is rolling out ‘Give to Grow’, a national charity fundraising campaign driving traffic to the OneDonation website, encouraging individuals and businesses to select their charities of choice, and create and manage their donations using OneDonations’ unique Charity Portfolio system.

“OneDonation enables Australian’s to make one donation and make it count, multiple times, with regular giving made faster and easier for donors and provides charities with a more effective method of increasing donations, reducing overheads and building a sustainable income. We hope that more charities will join us and register to be part of the new wave of regular online giving throughout Australia,” Ms Burstin said.

For free registration to be among the charities of choice featured at OneDonation and to benefit from one off and regular online giving for the ‘Give to Grow’ appeal, please visit or call 1300 885 157.


To arrange an interview with Tania Burstin or for more information about the Give to Grow appeal and the latest in online donation technology, OneDonation, please contact:
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2  Fundraising and Philanthropy Australia

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