Friday, May 25th, 2012

The annual MS Choice Awards will be held on Wednesday May 30, at the Unley Civic Centre. Choice Awards are presented to people living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) who have applied for an award to make a difference in their lives, or follow a dream, the choice is theirs.

The MS Choice Awards are funded by the MS Mighty Swim, an annual 24 hour swim held in February at the Unley Swimming Centre. A judging panel assesses the applications and decides who is most deserving of the awards.

Chris Webster was diagnosed with MS 10 years ago and now relies on his car to maintain his independence. His car enables him to travel from Semaphore to Mawson Lakes everyday day to volunteer at the MS Society.

“My car is especially important to me, it gives me the independence and mobility to do things I can no longer take for granted,” said Chris.

Chris now uses a gopher for mobility and without a car, he is unable to transport this.

“My car allows my wife and I do things together which my limited mobility would prevent. My gopher is loaded in the back of the car and off we go!”

Chris’s award will pay for the mechanical work that needs to be completed on his car to keep him mobile.

Andrew Mckenzie had always led a busy and active life. Married with 2 daughters, he was a competitive sportsman and keen runner and also found the time to volunteer for Meals on Wheels.

Andrew’s world came crashing down in 2003 when his wife died of breast cancer. Widowed at 47 with 2 young daughters to care for, Andrew was devastated. Then 5 years later, in 2008, Andrew was diagnosed with an aggressive form of MS.

Currently wheelchair bound, Andrew has had several falls in the last month when transferring to his wheelchair or a seat due to his weak legs.

Recently Andrew has trialled a Thera Trainer through the MS Society. This exercise machine helped to strengthen his legs, making transfers easier.

Andrew’s award will fund the purchase of a Thera Trainer to improve his leg strength.

Stefanie Edson, of Hawker, is studying towards her Bachelor of Nursing, hoping to eventually specialise in Neurology and assist with the treating and caring of people with diseases such as MS.

Stefanie was diagnosed with MS last year. Her health prevented her from completing the placements she needed to do as part of her study. This year she needs to complete the extra placements to catch up, placing a strain on her financially due the travel costs from a regional location and the time away from paid employment.

Stefanie’s award will contribute towards her study costs for the year.

“I believe I would be an ideal candidate for this award as my goals will eventually return the favour to people with Multiple Sclerosis,” said Stefanie.


Event: MS Society Choice Awards
Date: Wednesday, May 30, 2012
Time: 6.30pm
Location: Unley Civic Centre, 181 Unley Road, Unley

MEDIA OPPORTUNITY- Please note all media are invited to attend the awards. There will be interview opportunities with Chris, Andrew and Stefanie.
The MS Choice Awards will be attended by Mr Lachlan Clyne, Mayor or Unley and Mr David Pisoni MP.

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