Tuesday, October 27th, 2009
Streamline is 1 of 6 finalists in the 2009 Business Achiever Awards for the category of 'Home and Garden Trade'. The winner will be announced in the coming month. There will be a chance they will win due to their innovating Lining System that gives customers an alternative to having to dig up their pipes to repair them. This could mean savings for owners and the saving of precious surfaces such as pavers, tiles, paths roads and even houses.

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Streamline Drains & Pipelines (NSW ) P/L

StreamLine is a family owned business that has been unblocking and repairs drains and pipes for over 35 years. They have created an all Australian System which was developed and designed to solve the problems associated with Blocked Drains damaged and root infested drains & pipes by Relining them.

One main advantage using Streamline over any other Drainer/PipeLining company is that this is all they do every day, all day. They have also been Lining Domestic Pipes longer than any other company in Sydney.

The StreamLine pipe is manufactured from a felt core which is impregnated with a complex polymer resin. The core is then winched or pulled into position and, once set, the resin activates, leaving the new pipe actually stronger than the old.

Superior quality, less disruption, decreased costs.
Mrs Alexandra Barry
P: 02 9970 5547
M: 0410574678
W: www.streamlinepipes.com.au


No Dig, Pipe Lining Company in the run ffor 1st place.


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