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Ausnviro can assess your company for certified NABERS Energy ratings which measure the usage of energy and the efficiency of your occupancy. These star ratings can serve for you as a yardstick measure for your current performance and can assist you in checking and tracking your tenancy efficiency from time to time. Certified NABERS ratings serve as effective tools in capitalizing on your company's green credentials and your commitment of minimizing the production of energy inside the workplace.

Jay Gualtieri, the managing director of Ausnviro, is an expert in assessing environmental and thermal performance of the built units. He holds NABERS accreditation and is the first assessor for the Commercial Building Disclosure Program. His diligence, commitment and hard work has surely led Ausnviro to grow into Australia's leading environmental rating company.

Ausnviro proudly announces its association with Rialto Towers for its Certified NABERS Energy Water rating assessment.

March 8th, 2012
This company recently issued Building Efficiency Certificate (BEEC) to Rialto Towers located on Collins Street in Melbourne. It successfully delivered the Certified NABERS ratings within three weeks of tedious work. The office space is more than 80000 sqm and the task was accomplished within the allotted time frame and was on budget.
A company takes service to the next level with its premium environmental rating service.

Aisnviro proudly presents its recent completion of certified NABERS energy rating on a trigeneration office one of its kind in Australia.

March 26th, 2012
The Environmental Protection Authority in Melbourne located at 200 Victoria street was recently assessed for NABER energy ratings. The office tenancy spread on an area as huge as over 5000msq is distributed energy from the trigeneration system at the base of the building commissioned by Cogent Energy. It received an energy rating of 5.5 and intends to achieve a 6 stars NABER rating in the near future.

A trigeneration system is described as one which makes use of fuel, mostly gas, to produce electricity and also heat. The system uses the generator to pump and transfer heat to the building systems. Additionally, a trigeneration system also consumes some waste heat in order to run the absorption chiller to produce chilled water.

It is Ausnviro's pleasure to work with delightful and cooperative teams such as that of EPA Victoria and Cogent on a complex project as this NABERS Energy rating. Its on-time and within-budget completion is a testament to its success.

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Ausnviro - Energy Efficiency Assessors

Melbourne, 2012- Specializing in environmental ratings, Ausnviro offers its services Australia wide with its head office located in Melbourne. With its efficient and recognized rating methods, building owners and managers can heavily rely on it for the environmental performance of their buildings. Designers and architects are under constant pressure to build and develop such projects which leads to the minimum environmental degradation possible. A company aims to provide updated and supervised ratings based on their superior information and an effectively devised rating system.

Whether your office is 50 sqm in size or 50000 sqm, Ausnviro NABERS assessors can be handy in facilitating your NABERS ratings and issuing you the certificate of Building Energy Efficiency. 

Jay Gualtieri
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