Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Australian EnergyAdvice Joins Global Energy Experts Alliance

Energy and carbon management around the world is becoming more complex, and complex issues are best solved through collaboration.

To create some sense in this complexity, the first global energy management collaboration between some of the world’s most experienced energy specialists has been formed.

Launched in February 2011, the Energy Experts Alliance is a group of independent energy advisory companies assisting the world’s biggest businesses manage their global energy use and costs.

Recognising the importance of the Australia energy market, the existing Alliance members – Bergen Energi (Europe), Delta Energy (North America) and Comerc Energia (South America) – selected EnergyAdvice to join the Energy Experts Alliance.

The Alliance was founded by Bill Schjelderup, CEO of Bergen Energi, one of Europe’s leading energy advisory companies. Understanding that international companies are looking to manage their global energy needs and costs, Bill approached energy management experts in North America, South America and now Australasia to create the Energy Experts Alliance.

“Key to creating the Energy Experts Alliance was finding energy experts who are leaders in their own continents and who share the same guiding business value principles,” said Bill. “We are exceptionally pleased to have EnergyAdvice join the Alliance. With their market leading reputation, insights and understanding of the Australasian market, EnergyAdvice provides an important link in delivering global energy management.”

Alliance members were selected for their local expertise, in-depth energy knowledge and exceptional service levels. The Alliance creates a truly Global energy advisory solution – “thinking globally, acting locally”.

With EnergyAdvice joining, the Energy Experts Alliance now combines more than 350 energy experts providing services to over 1,300 clients across Europe, North America, South America and Australasia.

“Our clients will benefit greatly from the Energy Experts Alliance,” said Phil Randall, Founder and Managing Director of EnergyAdvice. “In rapidly changing international and national energy markets and with the introduction of carbon pricing and associated impacts, we can now offer our clients additional advice and tools that will enhance their operations in Australia and internationally.

“Through access to international energy and carbon market information and systems, we can now provide our clients with shared leading edge information and expertise that will assist them in smart energy and carbon management.”

The Alliance has been welcomed by multi-national clients who recognise that collaborative energy expertise, shared on a common data platform, allows them to gain closer visibility and tighter control of their global energy use and pricing, and carbon footprint.

Recent cross continent successes, such as projects delivered for Anglo American, one of the world’s largest mining companies with interests in Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, North America and South America, shows that the Alliance is working.

The Energy Experts Alliance provides a vital link that enables global clients to leverage their energy purchasing, consumption and cost management through shared knowledge, reporting tools and joint project teams.

Martin Becker, EnergyAdvice’s Director Client Services and member of the Alliance Market Council stated, “More and more of our clients are looking for advice on a global perspective, especially moving to a more carbon constrained world, with energy usage and carbon being directly interrelated. The Energy Experts Alliance is the perfect collaborative approach, enabling us to provide additional value to our clients.”

For further information on the Energy Experts Alliance and EnergyAdvice please contact:

Phil Randall
Managing Director
p: +61 (0)3 8558 4100
m: +61 (0)411 444 799

Martin Becker
Director Client Services
p: +61 (0)3 8558 4100
m: +61 (0)419 351 500

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EnergyAdvice and Energy Experts Alliance

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