Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Two of Australia’s leading contract research organisations associated with The University of Queensland's main commercialisation company, UniQuest, have announced a collaboration with Japanese clinical trial organisation, MORE Medical, in a step to promote Queensland’s high quality drug development capabilities, particularly in preclinical drug development and early phase clinical trials.

TetraQ, the commercial arm of The University of Queensland’s (UQ), Centre for Integrated Preclinical Drug Development, believes establishing itself in Japan will help promote the benefits of outsourcing clinical and preclinical research and development to Queensland.

CEO Professor Maree Smith said the collaboration was years in the making and might not have been possible without the strong support of UQ spin out partner Q-Pharm, the Queensland Clinical Trials Network (QCTN) and the Queensland State Government.

“Over the last three to four years we have been working together in promoting Queensland’s high quality preclinical and clinical trial capabilities in Japan,” she said.

“At TetraQ we sit in the translational research space; we assist universities, small biotech and pharmaceutical companies in getting potential drugs from the laboratory bench to the market.

“We perform preclinical trials, to evaluate these drugs for their efficacy, to assess whether or not they do what the company thinks they do, and for their safety to ensure they are sufficiently safe to go on to be tested in early stage human clinical trials.”

Professor Smith said the collaboration would be a win for all parties involved.

“It is a great opportunity for TetraQ and Q-Pharm to establish a significant presence within Japan, which is encouraging the ‘outsourcing model’. This model is used very effectively by both U.S. pharmaceutical companies as well as biotechnology companies in Australia, the U.S. and elsewhere to control costs of new drug development.

“It allows MORE Medical to grow their business in a competitive Japanese market, through the collaboration with TetraQ’s preclinical capabilities and Q-Pharm’s specialist Phase I and II clinical trials.

“It is also a success for the Queensland Government and UQ, which has invested millions into TetraQ.”

Q-Pharm CEO, Mr Terry Hurst, said the company offered significant advantages to Japanese clients in terms of cost, quality and efficiency in conducting early phase clinical trials.

“As a well-established and globally focussed business, Q-Pharm has an  excellent track record in overseas markets and is well positioned to service the Japanese clinical trial sector, particularly in the area of Japanese-Caucasian bridging studies."

This announcement was made by The Queensland Trade Commissioner for Japan, Mr Tak Adachi at a Global Engaging Event held in Brisbane on 23 October 2009. Mr Adachi and the Queensland Minister for Trade, Mr Stephen Robertson, were credited for their work in support of the collaboration.

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TetraQ & Q-Pharm

About TetraQ
TetraQ is the first contract research organisation in Australia to provide integrated preclinical services to the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Providing a broad range of preclinical services and advice to companies that are in the early stages of drug development, TetraQ can assist in bridging the gap between drug discovery and early stage clinical trials. TetraQ draws on the expertise of four leading specialists in preclinical drug development. Its team of highly experienced scientists is supported by a dedicated Commercial Manager, Operations Manager, Sales & Services Manager and a Quality Assurance Manager. TetraQ has built world-class facilities to provide its extensive and expanding range of services. This has been enabled by $8.1M in investment funds from the Queensland government’s Smart State Research Facilities Fund, along with significant cash and in-kind support from The University of Queensland (UQ) and its supporting partners, Q-Pharm Pty Ltd and The Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR). Formed in 2005 and located at UQ in Brisbane, TetraQ is the commercial arm of the Centre for Integrated Preclinical Drug Development. This Centre is the focal point of research and training excellence in the field of preclinical drug development. TetraQ is also a registered business of UniQuest Pty Ltd, the main technology transfer company of UQ.

About Q-Pharm
Q-Pharm Pty Limited is Australia’s premier early phase clinical research facility and conducts Phase I and II clinical trials, pharmacokinetic studies and bioequivalence studies as its area of speciality. Q-Pharm was established in July 2002 as a joint venture of UniQuest (UQ’s main commercialisation company) and The Queensland Institute of Medical Research. The company occupies world class facilities in the QIMR precinct at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital. Q-Pharm assists pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in the early clinical stages of their development programs where product safety is assessed. The company provides a comprehensive, high quality service and conducts clinical trials in accordance with all applicable national and international standards and guidelines. Q-Pharm’s strength is its highly-qualified clinical trial team, whose leaders have a wealth of experience in clinical development.

About MORE Medical
MORE Medical Inc. is a Japanese Contract Research Organization (CRO) that provides monitoring services for clinical trials carried out by domestic pharmaceutical companies, post-marketing surveillance, clinical research associates (for monitoring purposes) to pharmaceutical companies and consultation on regulatory affairs related to medical devices. http://www.moremedic.com/eng/index.html

Leanne Wyvill
P: +61 7 3365 4037
M: 0409767199
W: www.tetraq.com.au/about2.htm

UniQuest Pty Limited

Established by The University of Queensland in 1984, UniQuest is widely recognised as one of Australia’s largest and most successful university commercialisation groups, benchmarking in the top tier of technology transfer worldwide. The company’s charter is to identify, package and commercialise research-based technologies, expertise and facilities to the community, industry, business and government. It has created more than 60 companies, and since 2000 UniQuest and its start-ups have raised a quarter of a billion dollars to take UQ technologies to market. Sales of products using UQ technology and licensed by UniQuest are now running at $5.2 billion per year. UniQuest now commercialises research, expertise and technologies developed at The University of Queensland, University of Wollongong, University of Technology Sydney, James Cook University, University of Tasmania and the Mater Medical Research Institute.
Dean Simonsen (TetraQ) or Nathan Martin (Q-Pharm)
P: Dean +61 7 3346 9933
M: Nathan 61 7 3845 3607


This collaboration is set to expedite the export of Queensland's preclinical drug development and early clinical trials capabilities to Japan


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