Saturday, May 19th, 2012
NATURE and elegance have come together for the latest free exhibition at The York Mill’s Boiler Room Gallery this June

And in a slight change of tack, it’s clothing-based rather than traditional art forms and styles, highlighting environmentally-friendly fashion.

Raffaella Basini Creations has put together a collection of one-offs made from the highest quality merino and vintage wool – obtained by unspinning vintage wool clothing – to form the Naturally Elegant exhibition.

Starting her artistic journey in childhood, Raffaella Basini used to trace out dress patterns for her nonna, a talented Italian tailoress.

This developed a deep love for design and Raffaella went on to study art at TAFE and university, achieving several qualifications in fine art.

Involved in the fashion industry for the past 13 years, her pieces have been exhibited at many events including the Perth Royal Show, various fashion parades and as sole artist at an international Interflora convention.

Artistic mother-and-daughter team Raffaella and Tamar Basini use all eco-friendly and organic material, mixing artistic flavours with eco-considerations.

Tamar has worked with Raffaella for the past 16 years, learning all the techniques handed down to Raffaella by her nonna.

“We take pride in supporting and developing Australian-grown wool, unpolluted and produced so it will leave no unhealthy residue,” Raffaella said

“Every step we take today is a most important step for the future survival of our planet, our loved ones and their loved ones.”

Says Tamar: “It’s a wonderful thing to untilise and bring back to life some item that someone has made with love for another human being.”

From using hand-powered machines to sourcing WA grown products and certified organic products, Raffaella and Tamar have thought long and hard about their manufacturing process.

Wool was a big draw for them, both as an iconic Australian product for hundreds of years and in line with their ideals of sustainability.

Every item of clothing is hand-made by Raffaella and Tamar in their Hillarys workshop using hand-powered knitting machines, as well as hand-knitting, hand-crocheting and various other techniques.

“A casual conversation with the gallery director after its refurbishment resulted in the formation of our very first exhibition,” Raffaella said.

“To be invited to exhibit in the gallery, and to be the first artisan to present eco-conscious clothing, is absolutely thrilling.”

The York Mill Managing Director John Langton added: “We’re thrilled to be exhibiting Raffaella Basini Creations’ Bespoke woollen apparel for the first time.

“The pieces are absolutely beautiful and this free exhibition should not be missed for anyone with an interest in fashion and love for merino wool.”

Naturally Elegant runs from June 1 to July 1 in the Boiler Room Gallery. Admission is free.

The York Mill is at 10 Henrietta Street, York, and the gallery is open 10am to 4pm, Wednesday to Sunday. For more details, call (08) 9641 2900 or go to

NE-clothing: One of the many items from Raffaella Basini Creations to be featured in the Naturally Elegant exhibition.

NE-Coral White: Raffaella Basini Creations’ coral white scarves feature in the Naturally Elegant exhibition at The York Mill Boiler Room Gallery.

NE-Snug White: Snug white woollen clothing from Raffaella Basini Creations is on show at The York Mill Gallery.

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