Saturday, May 19th, 2012
Everyone hopes to have a healthy child, but when we are faced with a reflux baby, coping with the condition is challenging – especially when baby is continually spitting up and requires constant nursing.

New mum Riki McConaghy experienced first hand the impact that reflux had on her life when her baby Lily would spit up immediately after every feed.

“It’s amazing how messy a baby can be, and how much mess parents are capable of dealing with. The extra washing of nappy cloths and clothes was endless.”

For Riki, the unintended consequences of living with a reflux baby led her to design an alternative to the terry cloth nappy.

“I needed a burp cloth that protected my clothes at the front and back, was functional, soft on baby''s skin, absorbent yet soak-proof, and would not fall off.”

As a result Riki created the Burby™, a stay-put burp cloth which not only provides parents with the ultimate protection from baby burp spills, but also doubles as a discreet breastfeeding aide.

The fabric is made from soft, absorbent bamboo which neatly rolls up into a hand bag. The triple layer design includes a middle waterproof layer to ensure clothes are kept dry and mess free. Its practical design means the garment easily pulls over the arm and stays in place, avoiding it slipping or falling onto the baby.

“We’ve received great feedback on the Burby™ as being a welcome wardrobe staple to help tired and frustrated parents get to the other side of this unwelcome health issue.”

“While nothing quite prepares you for sheer amount of care and attention reflux babies require, the Burby™ can help parents prepare for how they manage it.”

The Burby™ burp cloth, including matching face washers, are available in blue, brown, oatmeal or pink polka trim at Messy Little Monkeys

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Messy Little Monkeys

We aim to provide new parents with products that help make their lives a little bit easier. We have designed and created an innovative burp cloth that is a more practical alternative to cotton blankets and the terry cloth nappy. The Burby™ is a stay-put burp cloth providing parents with the ultimate protection from baby burp spills, which also doubles as a newborn breastfeeding aide. The Burby™ has a triple layer design including a middle waterproof layer to ensure clothes are kept dry and mess free.
Riki McConaghy
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