Thursday, May 17th, 2012

In a world where creating online content at the kitchen table has never been easier, the question of how to market and make money out of it has long remained unanswered. Until now. The launch of RollUp Media in Australia and the UK offers independent online publishers in niche markets the opportunity to distribute their content more widely and monetise it, and gives advertisers the ability to reach valuable new audiences.

RollUp Media has opened its first offices in Sydney and London with a group of leading digital advertising veterans who have worked together at businesses around the world including DoubleClick and Google, BBC, Lycos and the Rubicon Project over the years. Led by CEO Ben Regensburger and Kaylie Smith in Australia, RollUp Media plan to take on the marketing, search and advertising sales for these niche publishers and enable advertisers to access their audiences.

According to Kaylie Smith, she has little doubt the Australian market will be receptive to the business. Smith, who headed DoubleClick Asia Pacific, then became head of ad platforms for Google in Asia Pacific, has a depth of experience across the digital advertising market that is second-to-none.

“There are three things that Australia offers that made the team keen to launch here - firstly, there are thousands of digital publishers creating great authentic content but they are struggling to monetize it. Secondly, they have good audiences of engaged consumers and thirdly, there are advertisers here who want to know how to reach them,” she said.

She acknowledges accessing audiences of this niche content can be difficult for advertisers. “We have moved on from the fragmentation of traditional media channels that took place when digital came into the mainstream, to the fragmentation of digital media itself. This is because people are seeking new information sources online; they want to discover fresh, original content and they are looking beyond the larger publishers towards niche places that meet their specific interests.

“As a result these audiences are uniquely and deeply engaged which makes them incredibly valuable to any marketer, but at the moment if advertisers want to form relationships with these niche audiences - whether on niche sites, video channels, and so on - it can be difficult if not impossible,” she said.

“So what RollUp Media does is look after the commercial support for niche publishers and leave them to do what they do best - create great content - while we introduce their audience to advertisers, enable the publishers to monetise their content and provide SEO support.

“This means we provide advertisers with the same, or an even greater, suite of tools and means - whether branded content or traditional digital advertising as well as measurement - so they can work with our niche publishers in the same way they work with the big guys.”

RollUp Media Australia is already working with around 35 career and education sites and channels across a variety of jobs - from accounting to digital to medical roles. From here it will continue to expand into other categories including travel, parenting and health.

“We are actively looking for great niche publishers with authentic content who need help growing their businesses,” she said. “It’s a simple proposition - we work with them to deliver greater distribution of their content, help with SEO and traffic acquisition - and enable them to commercialise their business, engaging with advertisers and selling the types of professional advertising products in the way advertisers need,” she said.

The RollUp Media Platform enables independent publishers to create and curate high quality content including a CMS for easy publishing; a commenting system to engage audiences; access to third party content libraries; video production and streaming; tools to gauge trending topics on Twitter and analytics. Its distribution services can help with tools and consulting for SEO; social media distribution into Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other platforms; multi-platform publishing via HTML5/responsive design and mobile/tablet apps and traffic analytics.

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