Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Alternative methods of financing a property without using a bank will be revealed at Property Women's Annual Conference on the Gold Coast, 'Find the Deal and Find the Money', 31st Oct / 1st November 2009.

Property investors across the country might be delighted about the latest QBE LMI forecast that property values are tipped to rise by 23% over the next three years, but many are finding it difficult if not impossible to get a loan approved by a Bank to buy their next property. Delight soon turns to disappointment!

Don’t despair; all is not lost according to Adelaide based investor Rachel Barnes, who has had to look outside the standard banking system herself on several occasions, to fund some of the 75 properties that she’s managed to purchase in the last decade.

“There are always great property deals to be found, if you know what you’re looking for,” says Barnes. “ut these days in the aftermath of the GFC, or perhaps in the eye of its storm, it’s not just about finding those deals, it’s also getting past the challenge of finding the finance to buy them."

The good news for those investors who do know how to find the money, is that they are in a prime position at the negotiation table, where other less educated investors have to let an opportunity for a good property deal pass them by.

According to Barnes, “There are three important things an investor needs to do. Firstly make sure you can afford it. Do your analysis to make sure the deal stacks up financially for you. Secondly make sure your application to the Bank is complete and well documented. Thirdly, if the Bank do reject your application, get over it and look at your other options.”

What are the other options, and where do you go for finance? Well if you’re a woman and you want to know the answers, then Barnes suggests you get yourself to Property Women’s Annual Conference on the Gold Coast, 31st October and 1st November while there’s still tickets available.

A ‘brains trust’ of successful investors and specialists at this two day event will give attendees the opportunity to learn with hands-on practical and interactive sessions focused on finding, analysing and funding property investments. Barnes will be revealing nine alternative ways to finance a property, so if the Bank says ‘no’, you’ll know where to go!

For details about the upcoming Property Women Annual Conference, 'Find the Deal and Find the Money' visit

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Women property experts will share their knowledge at the Property Woman conference, Gold Coast 31 Oct-Nov1.


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