Tuesday, May 15th, 2012
Australian company Jigsaw Liquor has released its wine label of choice for Autumn 2012.

According to Jigsaw Liquor, wine lovers looking for a great Australian wine to enjoy this Autumn should consider the popular Yellow Tail labels. More information on these is provided below:

Yellow Tail Merlot
Starting with Yellow Tail Merlot, the aroma is a traditional mocha, dark plums and fruity spices that can be found in savoury deserts. The flavour is supple and succulent Merlot again with dark plums, cocoa tannins and ending with a long lasting soft tissue taste. The Yellow Tail Merlot is perfect for a night in, served with grilled chicken or barbequed shrimp. The grape is grown with rich tannins and full flavoured dark fruits, and is considered medium bodied.

Yellow Tail Sauvignon Blanc
Next is the Yellow Tail Semillon Sauvignon Blanc, a white wine that takes the taster on a journey in only one direction; unparalleled freshness. Traditionally Semillon is all about lemon and grass elements combined, however as mentioned Australia has cut their traditional roots to create a new era of flavoursome wines. A white Semillon combined with rich tropical fruit results in a swift speed of easy drinking. The initial taste is high in flavour, ending with a spotless finish that is indisputably fresh.

The flavour is lemon mixed with passionfruit and subtle signals of wood and grass. Dazzlingly the drinker with a fresh textured clean taste. The aroma starts with grassy lemon and ends with exciting tropical fruit. The wine combines flavours from two grapes; Semillon provides a vigorous acidity and the Sauvignon Blanc adds the clean fruit flavour. The wine is best enjoyed with finger foods and friends or a light seafood salad.

Yellow Tail Rose
Australia has become renowned for their fruity appeal and the Yellow Tail Rose sets a high standard. The wine has a great pink colour and strong natural aromas. The flavour is very attractive with hints of rose, wild berries, raspberry, subtle vanillin and moist berries from start to finish. Even though Rose stems from red grapes, the wine must be served chilled and is considered the meeting point between white and red. The aroma is an endless sweet rose jelly combined with even sweeter spices. Rose is best enjoyed out and about and will turn any evening into a fun time. Enjoyed ideally with Japanese sashimi, the wine can be just as enjoyable by itself.

Yellow Tail celebrates over 10 years of delivering quality wines and holding up the Australian standard both nationally and internationally.

This autumn brings back traditional wine combined with healthy foods to complement the great fruity tastes and fresh textures that is Australian wine. To find out more about the autumn wines recommended by Jigsaw Liquor wine lovers can visit the website and also Yellow Tail wines online and support the Australian wine industry.

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