Monday, May 14th, 2012
A new concept art is fuelling a trend providing art lovers the opportunity to commission personalised and bespoke art pieces for their homes and businesses.

Australian and Singapore-based Artchu recently launched its website making original fine art accessible and affordable by connecting people with talented artists from around the world to create their own custom-made art that perfectly fits their needs.

Artchu director Kern Wyman says Artchu’s online platform is art commissioning with a modern twist. It allows people to specify an art brief that matches their tastes and spaces, and then have artists offer to create it.

“We all have our own likes and dislikes and so it’s extraordinarily difficult to find art you not only love, but that is also available and affordable and fits the space you want to put it,” Mr Wyman says.

“We love decorating and renovating because it makes out living spaces enjoyable but original art has often been out of reach for most people. Now it isn’t.

“Great art can ‘lift’ an entire room and everyone that is in it with a magical experience, and if you’ve not commissioned a piece of artwork before here is the perfect way to try it.”

Mr Wyman says Artchu has talented artists around the world just waiting to bid on creating a new masterpiece and the online platform is free to try.

“Artchu’s gallery artists are independent creative professionals from places such as Singapore, Italy, Australia, Vietnam, Bulgaria, the UK and US that are all dedicated to their work and love to be creative,” Mr Wyman says.

“Not one person has had anything other than an awesome experience in commissioning the work, and in particular creating art depicting their families and children has proven a favourite.

“Abstracts have also proven to be the popular and Artchu is a great way to get concepts in your head into professionally created original art.”

“Sketches and paintings have dominated, but really anything people can imagine can be created and there are lots of different artists waiting for the opportunities to create unique and special pieces.”

Submitting a brief, including using the unique visual description where customers can upload images and select visual styles they like, is free.

If customers like the artist responses they receive they can then select a provider, agree a price and proceed. If not, then no work is done.

For more information, to submit a brief, or view the gallery artists visit

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