Monday, May 14th, 2012
In line with continuing worldwide trends back to natural products, leading stone supplier Baltic Stone has reported growing consumer demand for natural stones like marble and granite.

Director Chris Wrzesinski states that after years of cheaper manufactured stones dominating the kitchen benchtop market, increased demand for marble and granite slabs confirms a general and growing consumer desire to move away from unnatural manufactured products.

“We have definitely noticed more requests for vanity and kitchen benchtops from natural stones like granite and marble. Customers are continually commenting that in comparison to the ‘sameness’ of manufactured stone, they are drawn to the beauty and uniqueness of natural stone.

“It’s not hard to see why it’s more appealing, when it’s a product so rich with individual colours and variations,” he said.

Indeed, being an unmanufactured product, every piece of natural stone is unique, containing a huge variety of subtle colours within. These individual properties mean every inclusion of granite or marble stone to a kitchen or bathroom offers a distinctive and authentic addition to the home.

“There are hundreds of varieties of natural granites and marbles which feature a huge range of colour spectrums. Regardless of interior décor, stones complementing lighter or darker tones are all possible with natural stone.

“There’s no question a manufactured slab cannot compete with the individuality of a natural slab. On top of this granite and marble have been used for thousands of years and have thus proven to be as durable and as they are visually appealing,” he said.

Mr. Wrzesinski said the surge in demand for natural stone was in line with increased awareness of the myth that natural stone is considerably more expensive than manufactured varieties.

“Natural stone is actually very competitively priced and surprisingly for some, it can often be less expensive than manufactured varieties.

“Price is definitely an important factor however the most significant consideration is the recognition that you can’t beat a natural benchtop when it comes to durability and reliability.

“ “Natural granite resists the toughest kitchens - high temperatures and scratches are no match for natural granite. For consumers looking to create a kitchen that’s as natural as it is durable you really can’t go wrong,” he said.

For more information see Baltic Stone website.

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