Friday, May 11th, 2012

Brisbane psychic medium Julianna Suranyi is guaranteeing clear, direct answers to people’s questions on Monday night, May 14, 7pm in an intimate live psychic show at the Sottile’s Café at 10 Stewart Road, Ashgrove.

Seen on national television shows ‘Today’, ‘The Morning Show’ and ‘The Circle’, Brisbane psychic medium Julianna Suranyi will give readings in person, guaranteeing that your questions are answered. Seats are limited, early arrival is recommended.

Unlike other psychic shows where numbers are larger and readings for each person are not guaranteed, Ms Suranyi will allow a maximum of only 40 people to ensure that everyone receives an answer to their question, giving them clarity, detail and direction in person.

“I get very clear, very direct, very specific and very real with my answers. If you have the courage to ask about a situation that is affecting the way you live, I respect and honour that with detailed information from my Spirit Guides to assist you in making a decision to change it,” said Ms Suranyi.

“Guests are able to ask one question so that they prioritise their need for clarity right now. Having done psychic readings for over 20 years, I have found that once people’s most pressing issue receives attention, often any other issues start to resolve as a consequence.”

Costing $35 per person to attend, the night runs from 7pm to 9.30pm as a private function at Sottile’s Café with time allowed for general questions about Spirit Guides, psychic ability, life after death or any topic of interest at the end of the show. Snacks and coffee are available for purchase.

Ms Suranyi has indicated that she might come back to Sottile’s café in the future and that she might even offer her services regularly on a Monday night so that more people can benefit from “getting real answers from a real psychic.”