Thursday, May 10th, 2012
Dr Greg Schreeuwer, who works globally as an empowerment coach and kinesiologist, has recently released his new eBook. It's titled, Action Your Life - 10 Action Steps to a Highly Inspired Life. In this book, he reveals the most effective actions steps that a person can take in order to achieve the life they'd love to have. These steps have been compiled after working with his many clients, as well as observing some of the most successful people around the world. The following steps are a teaser of what's in store in the book.

1. Giving yourself time to work out what’s truly important to you – something most of us don’t take the time out to do and wonder, later on in life, why we did that.

2. Expressing yourself to the world around you by not hiding or running away. Most of us do one or the other and we do so mostly because of our perceptions. As a consequence we repress ourselves instead of expressing ourselves.

3. Revealing yourself to the world so people can see who you truly are – we often want to be someone other than ourselves and fear the reactions we’d receive if people really saw us.

4. Standing up for yourself, despite the opposition you will face – a lot of us are afraid to do this because we perceive there is so much challenge associated with doing so.

5. Give yourself permission to follow your heart and pursue your dreams – how many of you have pushed aside your dreams and what’s in your heart for the world around you?

6. Learn to say no without feeling guilty – a challenge we all have to face. It can be tough not saying yes to others when we can’t see how they might benefit.

7. Learn to say yes to yourself, possibly for the first time – one of the scariest steps to take, particularly if you’ve never really done it before. This is really about self-ownership.

8. It’s ok to upset your parents and people of authority, in order to follow your dreams – this one is controversial because we have been taught to respect and honour our elders. What if that means dishonouring ourselves?

9. Compare yourself to no one other than yourself. Everybody is different and that’s ok – how often have you seen what other people have and wished you had that too? What if you had it, exactly the same way, and it made you miserable? Would you still want it?

10. If you have a great idea that inspires you, go and share it. The world is waiting for you – we all have a wonderful story to tell. Hiding it, disguising it and not appreciating it can certainly make us feel sick.

The eBook can be purchased directly through his website at He is also offering a free bonus audio giving further insights into 5 of the most common health issues and the most effective ways of resolving them.

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Parallel Practise is a ‘Health and Wellness’ coaching and educational company that was founded in 2011 by Dr. Greg Schreeuwer. Dr. Greg Schreeuwers’ aim is to educate people around the world how to become inspired and empowered in who they are. They will also be taught how to have a stronger relationship with themselves and transcend or overcome any situation in their lives where they may be suppressing or repressing who they are. The vision is to enlighten people around the world and give them the opportunity of fulfilling their innate purpose, destiny and mission.

Dr. Greg Schreeuwer has dedicated his life to helping people achieve what they thought might be impossible and he is committed to spend the rest of his life, through this company, showing people how to create all that they desire in every area of life. There are no limits except those that your conscious brain creates. Life is only challenging if you perceive it as a one sided affair. However, if you look long and hard, you’ll soon realise that nothing is out of place, nothing is wrong or right. Everything is as it seems and will always be. Our greatest challenge is to learn how to be present and grateful for everything we have or haven’t achieved. There is love in everything that we do, everything we experience and everything that we receive.
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