Thursday, May 10th, 2012
Federal Budget: AIIA

The Federal Government's SchoolKids Bonus will help many more children benefit from innovation and technology opportunities in education and also prepare them to become full participants in the digital economy.

Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Information Industry Association, Suzanne Campbell, said schoolchildren deserved an education that prepared them - and their nation's economy – to thrive in a world of rapid change which included the development and full implementation of the digital economy.

"The Organisation for Economic and Cultural Development (OECD) recognises how technology in the education sector enables the ability to conduct independent research, think critically and solve problems, communicate and collaborate, and understand societal issues related to digital citizenship," Ms Campbell said.

"This Federal Budget package will help 1.3 million families make those necessary steps to incorporate technology more fully into the education of their children."

Under the bonus, $410 will be paid to parents for each child in primary school and $820 for high school children. The payments will cost the Federal Government $2 billion over five years and will help 1.3 million low-income families with schooling costs, particularly the purchase of computers and technology required to improve their educational growth and development.

Ms Campbell said AIIA had long recognised the critical importance of technology in the education sphere.

"The AIIA has been a very active supporter of innovative education outcomes and to help facilitate this we have our own Education Special Interest Group which works as an ICT enabler for education outcomes and for improving access to technology for students," Ms Campbell said.

"The SchoolKids Bonus is therefore especially welcome because any stimulatory initiative that encourages broader and deeper educational opportunities for Australian students is a very good thing.

"A recent study by one of AIIA's leading members found that the use of ICT and Web 2.0 technologies saw an increase of 39 per cent in student academic engagement. With these added funds AIIA sees the opportunity for more students to better and more fully utilise the benefits of innovation and technology in education."


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