Wednesday, May 9th, 2012
Newcastle, NSW, 29/04/12 – “With unpredictable weather patterns becoming the only predictable part of long term forecasts, preparing for winter using solar power has developed into a sensible option for many people around Newcastle”, suggests Sue Towns, from local Skylights and Roof Ventilation supplier, Simply Genuine.

With more and more of us turning to the sun for heating our water and generating our own supplies of electricity, a steadily increasing percentage of homeowners are now turning to using solar power to ventilate their roof space in the summer months so that air conditioning units can be turned down and temperatures in the home still kept comfortable when the thermometers are going crazy outside.

With the advent of Roof Ventilation systems that contain integral solar panels the ease of installation of these units has seen the decline of sales of Whirlybird devices that relied more on the wind for power. When days are still and the sun is shining high in the sky a system that keeps the fan turning at optimum speeds makes perfect sense.

Yet many of us forget that in the winter months our roof spaces can still build up future maintenance problems for us if we allow moisture in the air to condense on wooden beams and insulation, causing them eventually to rot and disintegrate.

So, if your old Whirlybirds are giving you the rattle and roll when windy conditions shake them all about this winter, you might pause to consider why you’re putting up with it any longer when a Solar Powered Roof Ventilation System could be on your own roof in a matter of minutes.

The one thing we can rely on in NSW is daylight in winter. As long as the sun continues to shine out there in space we will be able to rely on light on solar cells to generate enough electricity to power this type of unit, even on cloudy days.

For additional information on Solar Powered Roof Ventilation in Newcastle, contact Sue Towns or visit A free quotation will be provided without any commitment to purchase.

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