Thursday, October 29th, 2009
Think your life’s tough? Read the inspiring new book Lounge to Boardroom, then you’ll learn what tough is – and how 55 successful South Australian women turned adversity into achievement.

In the pages of this beautifully photographed book, code-named L2B, you’ll find those who rose from poverty, who escaped tyrannical governments, victims of child sex abuse and debilitating illness, refugees, and those born with a silver spoon then lost it all. One started as the office tea girl and rose to manage the company and finally bought it. Today she employs 41 people – and all before the age of 35!

A staggering 40 of the women featured set up their own small business from scratch. If small business is the backbone of our economy, then these women are the spine of the country!

Scheduled for release in early December 2009, the book tells these stories in 55 vignettes that are both entertaining and wise. This hard cover, quality publication features intensely personal photographic portraits that capture not only their spirits but the path they've travelled.

“Within these pages you will meet an array of fascinating women who have all fulfilled three criteria,” said publisher Ashley Knoote-Parke of Tish'n Enigma Books. “First, they have displayed extraordinary determination, second they are making a difference, and third they have taken great risks to get where they are.”

The book was inspired by Knoote-Parke’s experience as a loud, quick-thinking emigree from volatile South Africa who, when she landed here, was taken aback by the reluctance of the women of this State to tell the world about their achievements. Fewer than 5% of those nominated for this book nominated themselves.

“So I decided to tell the world for them,” said Knoote-Parke, “and Lounge to Boardroom was born. These are stories that will inspire you to succeed whatever your circumstances or how tough you think you’ve got it now!”

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Based in Adelaide, SA,Tish’n Enigma Books is a boutique publishing company specialising in non-fictional accounts of inspiring people.  The company published the best-selling coffee table book Footprints, which showcased South Australia.
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Fifty-five women who shaped the landscape of South Australian business feature in a stunning new book, Lounge to Boardroom.



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