Wednesday, May 9th, 2012
Despite building regulations requiring that all backyard pools have child safety barriers, figures from Life Saving Victoria (LSV) show drowning remains one of the most common causes of preventable death in children under fourteen years of age in Victoria.

The enforcement of private pool safety regulations is the responsibility of local councils, however the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) has recently called for additional safety protection measures to be explored.

Referring to successful practices employed interstate the MAV has noted several potential areas of improvement in Victoria. These included the provision of better information at pool and pool fence point-of-sale, along with a requirement for compliance certificates by pool and spa owners when their property is sold or leased.

Doug Graham, Director of glass balustrade specialists - Tough Glass Worx, has backed the MAV’s calls for better education for pool owners on the building laws surrounding pool fencing in Victoria.

“Terribly, preventable deaths in backyard pools and spas are still occurring. To try and change these tragic statistics it’s vital that owners better understand their obligations under Victoria’s building laws. A big component of this is ensuring they have compliant fences and gates installed and maintained in good working order,” Mr Graham said.

The Building Commission of Victoria states that when compared against unfenced pools, fenced pools reduce the risk of drowning to about one quarter. However complicated building laws mean that unbeknown to their owners, some Victorian pools and spas may be inadequately or incorrectly fenced.

“There are three sets of rules that apply to pool fencing in Victoria. Application of the correct rule is dependent on when your pool was built. The laws can be confusing which is why every pool owner should discuss their fencing requirements with a qualified builder or an experienced pool-fencing specialist,” said Mr Graham.

“At Tough Glass Worx our expert specialists work to ensure every safety requirement is adhered to.
“Obviously a fence will never be as effective as the watchful eye of a guardian, however our customers can have confidence that the glass pool fences we install are as safe and effective as building regulations require,” Mr Graham said.

Tough Glass Worx is an architectural glazing firm specialising in glass pool fencing in Melbourne. They work closely with their customers to ensure every glass balustrade and fencing solution meets all Victorian Building Regulations.

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