Wednesday, May 9th, 2012
TranSwitch's HDmobile(TM) Transceiver IC Offers a Single Path Solution to Reduce Valuable Space While Providing Ultra-Fast Data and Video for Smartphones and Tablets

SHELTON, CT--(Marketwire - May 8, 2012) - TranSwitch Corporation (NASDAQ: TXCC), a leading provider of semiconductor solutions in the rapidly growing consumer electronics and telecommunications markets, today introduced its HDmobile(tm) transceiver integrated circuit (IC). The Company's HDmobile(tm) IC combines USB, HDMI, and DisplayPort interfaces to deliver ultra-high-speed data connectivity and HD video transmission through a single cable. By combining world-class integration with industry-leading performance, HDmobile(tm) is optimized for space sensitive and power conscience mobile applications, such as smartphones and tablets.

According to ELECTRONICS.CA, USB 3.0 will become available in smartphones and tablets by 2013. The USB 3.0 standard, supported by TranSwitch's HDmobile(tm) solution, provides up to 10 times faster data speeds than current USB 2.0 devices. Additionally, In-Stat projects that of the estimated 1.25 billion smart phones and tablets to be sold in 2015, over 470 million of them will have HDMI® or DisplayPort(tm) video connectivity.

"Mobile devices are delivering an unprecedented level of functionality with impressive video and multimedia capabilities," said Dr. M. Ali Khatibzadeh, President & CEO of TranSwitch. "The explosive growth of smart phones and tablets in the next few years driven by wireless multimedia presents a grand opportunity for the growth of TranSwitch. By offering a differentiated product that delivers the emerging needs of this market, we believe HDmobile(tm) is well positioned to be the solution of choice for the next-generation multimedia interface on mobile devices."

The highly integrated HDmobile(tm) transceiver ICs are optimized to provide USB 2.0, USB 3.0, HDMI 1.4, and DisplayPort 1.2 connectivity through a single physical layer (PHY). The industry-leading performance of HDmobile(tm) allows for ultra-fast data and video transmission, provides HD and 3D video output capabilities, and supports charging while streaming. The multimode video feature of HDmobile(tm) enables smart phones and tablets to seamlessly connect to video monitors based on DisplayPort(tm) and HDTVs based on HDMI.

"HDmobile(tm) offers an outstanding value proposition for both consumers and device manufacturers," said Amir Bar-Niv, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the High Speed Interconnect Business at TranSwitch. "The USB 2.0 interface used predominantly today on mobile devices creates a challenge for consumers, by requiring long data transfer times and limiting the quality of video output. TranSwitch's HDmobile(tm) transceiver ICs provide a single path solution that delivers impressive USB 3.0 data speeds, HD video through the HDMI® and DisplayPort(tm) standards, and legacy connectivity with USB 2.0 compatibility that will create a user-friendly environment for mobile device consumers. Additionally, this solution helps mobile device manufacturers reduce the number of ports and transceivers, thereby simplifying design and saving valuable space for smartphones and tablets."

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