Monday, May 7th, 2012
Students who attend school consistently achieve better academic and social learning outcomes in life.

With that important fact, truancy and school SMS expert MGM Wireless utilises today’s technology to develop its unique SMS messaging and Attendance Management Solution – Watchlists to improve student attendance in Australian and New Zealand schools.

MGM’s systems are operational in over 230 Western Australian state schools where they are a key tool to combat student absences and improve student safety in local communities.

In a recent media release in February, ‘Parents must support school attendance’ The WA Department of Education highlighted the State Government’s Better Attendance, Brighter Futures strategy and specifically included MGM’s messageyouTMSchools and Watchlist products as strategies to improve attendance. Their use is also covered in the latest WA Department of Education Annual Report.

The Western Australian Department of Education has also just approved another extension of its contract with MGM for the use of its SMS Student Attendance improvement solution for a further 12 months.

Managing student attendance is a complex education issue. With MGM’s systems – designed to provide schools with a recognised and sustained best practice framework of attendance management – the task is made easier.

Result? Teachers spend less time on administrative roll call duties and more time on quality teaching. In the school office, communication between school and parents is streamlined and existing costs are significantly reduced by MGM’s powerful SMS communication system. Typically, MGM systems pay for themselves in less than 6 months, with ongoing annual savings to schools between $ 5,000-$25,000 each year.

With each new school MGM delivers to, MGM Wireless experts guide key staff through policy reviews and improvement processes that cater to the school’s individual needs – tailored to that school’s community and mindful of the issues surrounding it.

To date, MGM boasts more than 750 successful implementations nation-wide – a proven track record to ensure a brighter future for so many Australian school students.

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MGM Wireless’ patented School Attendance Management solutions empower schools to effectively communicate to parents and caregivers using SMS text messaging in combination with culturally sensitive communication to improve attendance, student welfare and safety. MGM Wireless is recognized in Australia and internationally as pioneers and market leaders. MGM’s professional services team delivers an integrated suite of software and communications using its own infrastructure. The solutions enable schools to reduce costs, increase productivity, discharge their duty of care, engage parent involvement, and ultimately improve student learning and social outcomes. Schools in Australia, New Zealand and America use Messageyou software in their day to day operations.

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