Saturday, May 5th, 2012
Charities now have a real and relevant way to raise funds that allows them to stand out from the crowd and be heard, as well as make best use of limited resources.

Increasingly, charities right around Australia (and around the world) are sourcing their financial requirements through Crowd Funding.

“iPledg has made Crowd Funding simple by building an effective platform ( where charities can post a project and then engage their networks through social media, emails, and other communication to come along and make financial pledges of support” says Bryan Vadas, Marketing Director or iPledg.

“Whilst largely unheard of in Australia, Crowd Funding is the world’s fastest growing form of e-commerce. It also represents a real and relevant resource for individuals and groups to raise funds quickly and easily from their networks and from those whom share the passion of the cause or charity”.

Charities are often resource poor, and are often short of people to go out and collect from an engaged public or to resource the initiatives that charities dream up to generate cash.

By utilising crowd funding, charities are able to post a project with little in the way of hours committed to starting a funding campaign, and the work involved to drive the campaign can be done when the time is available – after hours and on weekends.

“The main activities involve engaging and motivating social and broader networks, as well as seeking out and securing media coverage. All of this can be done in a very efficient manner in the down times of the organisation’s activities” said Vadas.

Crowd funding for charitable causes is still very much in its infancy, and therefore adds a new angle to the newsworthiness of their fund raising efforts. Progressive charities seek publicity to gain more followers and supporters for their crowd funding campaigns, whilst at the same time increase the community awareness of their mission and cause.

Many charities have recognised followers and databases of people who are familiar with the organisation or the cause for which fund raising is undertaken. This gives rise to an easily tapped resource base of potential supporters, who will find crowd funding as a new way of giving to the cause.

The affects and results of a well executed crowd funding campaign by a charity can be far reaching, but some of the best results have been achieved very close to home. In the case of some very personalized charitable causes, the person who requires funding is too embarrassed to ask, and those who wish to give feel awkward about doing so. Crowd funding distances the transaction from both parties, and allows them to give and receive at somewhat of an arm’s length.

“And it is this, the thought of making it easier for charities to receive and for people to give, and the overall difference that is made is a key driver for the work we do at iPledg” added Vadas.

iPledg has currently waived their $250 listing fee so it costs nothing to list a project on iPledg*.

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iPledg is a crowd funding platform on which those with creative, commercial, charitable, and community endeavours can engage their networks to raise funds for a range of initiatives.

Whilst largely unheard of in Australia, Crowd Funding is the world’s fastest growing form of e-commerce.

Since our inception, we have been overwhelmed by the response from governments, universities, industry bodies, companies and individuals who all wish to engage and explore our platform to their benefit.
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