Friday, May 4th, 2012
Pactel International has deployed a new Perth hub to support growing demands for services in the Indian Ocean Region. The new carrier-grade platform runs on the Intelsat IS-904 satellite to provide extended coverage into the African and Middle-Eastern regions.

Through the new Perth-based hub, Pactel International can offer its customers large-scale links into a region which is experiencing very high demand for satellite communications.

Initially, Pactel will provide deployment services into the Middle East, with plans to expand into the African market.

The platform is based on Newtec’s DVB-S2 hub technology. The Newtec EL501 IP Satellite Hub combines new modulation techniques with IP shaping and satellite segment bandwidth management for DVB-S2 star networks. The Hub incorporates the proven FlexACM® technology which fully automatically optimises the satellite link. The hub can be combined with other Newtec technologies for e.g. traffic acceleration, Clean Channel Technology™ and Bandwidth Cancellation for further bandwidth optimisation.

Richard Walshe, Newtec's BDM for Nth Asia/Pacific says, "I want to thank Pactel for their on-going support. It is very rewarding, both personally and professionally, to be involved with such an energetic and innovative team as they continue to expand their network. Newtec's purpose is to provide our customers with the best and latest technological solutions in order to realise their business objectives (such as reduced opex, expanding market reach and happy customers) - I think our latest deal covers all this very well".

“At Pactel international, it is our corporate mission to expand and evolve together with our customers and suppliers. By deploying this new revolutionary platform, we are able to further optimize bandwidth and pass the savings onto our customers, whilst still maintaining the highest quality in a market where demand for bandwidth is high”, said Andrew Taylor, CEO Pactel international.

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Pactel International

Pactel International is a privately held Australian satellite communications company with its directors having more than 25 years of experience in the satellite and telecommunications industry.

Pactel International focuses on data, voice and general telecommunications services within the Asia-Pacific Region. The Company implements fully customized solutions to match their customers’ specific telecommunications needs; from point to point links through to fully managed networks.

With the head office in Sydney, Australia, and regional offices in the Pacific Islands, Pactel International offers support to all of their customers who live and work in similar time zones. Pactel International works closely with their customers and adopts a hands-on approach during the design, implementation, and delivery of all solutions.
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Newtec is a global market leader in Satellite Communications, offering highly reliable products and solutions including DVB-S2 modulators and modems, Digital TV & Radio Distribution and Exchange networks, IP Broadband Access Networks as well as software solutions for the optimization of Internet traffic to customers worldwide.

With its ambitious policy of re-investment in R&D, Newtec is recognized as a forerunner in several innovative satellite communication technologies, which have been published as industry standards (DVB, DVB-S2, DVB RCS and iSatTV Cenelec pr EN50478).

Established in 1985, and headquartered in Belgium, the company has regional offices located in Stamford (US), Singapore (Singapore), Beijing (China), Dubai (UAE) and São Paulo (Brazil). Newtec’s Tellitec® IP software products for Internet traffic optimization and data communication are engineered in Newtec’s research and development facilities in Berlin (Germany). Newtec's subsidiary TurboConcept in Brest (France), develops Intellectual Property Cores for turbo and LDPC building blocks.

More details about Newtec’s product family Elevation are available at
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