Friday, May 4th, 2012
The Australian solar industry has rejected calls from Origin Energy to dismantle the successful Renewable Energy Target.

“Nobody should be surprised that a big fossil fuel and coal seam gas company wants to scuttle the Renewable Energy Target”, said John Grimes, Chief Executive of the Australian Solar Energy Society.

“The Australian Government must ignore this ongoing campaign from vested interests and keep building our clean energy future”.

“Origin argues the Renewable Energy Target has been too successful – it’s producing too much renewable energy and it’s reducing energy demand.”

“Where Origin sees failure, the Australian solar industry sees great success. Increased investment in solar means less taxpayer funds invested in an ageing electricity grid. That’s a great outcome for Australian families.”

“The big power companies need to come clean and admit the reason electricity prices are rising rapidly is because of the need to upgrade our creaking electricity grid. Twice as much money ($100 billion) will be spent on an out-of-date electricity grid over the next decade than will be spent on the National Broadband Network.”

“Renewable energy schemes are only responsible for 3% of electricity price rises across Australia, according to the Australian Energy Market Commission. Transmission and distribution and wholesale electricity costs make up a whopping 80% of the electricity cost increases.”

“Big power companies make a lot of fanciful claims about the cost of renewable energy. AuSES calls on the big power companies to submit their costings to a major accounting company for independent, public scrutiny.”

“The Australian Government must stare down the big power companies and maintain the Renewable Energy Target as it has been legislated. The Government must reject Origin’s push to eliminate the Solar Multiplier.”

“Origin has wide-ranging fossil fuel investments, with exposure as Australia moves to a low carbon economy. Its recent rhetoric shows Origin is under pressure from an increasingly competitive solar industry.”

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